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February 2016

It’s all about trade!

DATE : February 21, 2016 AUTHOR :

That at least is the impression given by David Cameron, triumphantly announcing his deal with the EU ahead of the Referendum on June 23rd. Just to recap, the negotiations have apparently achieved a seven-year restriction on in-work benefits (which Mr Cameron claims will reduce migration from the EU into Britain), permanent exemption from ‘ever-closer’ union […]


Don’t know what to think? Don’t worry, the Thought Police will tell you!

DATE : February 11, 2016 AUTHOR :

In its drive to counter terrorism, the Government’s yet to be introduced Counter-Extremism Bill will, if and when passed, bring into law Extremism Disruption Orders (EDOs), primarily aimed (we are told) at combatting hate preaching by radical Islamists.  Of which, in the UK, we presumably have a great number. Any measures to combat Islamic terrorism […]


Our news is being censored. Sign our petition: David Cameron, uphold the UK’s Christian heritage…

DATE : February 6, 2016 AUTHOR :

According to Reuters, on 30th January 2016, hundreds of thousands of protesters gathered in the Circus Maximus in Rome to protest the introduction of same sex unions and gay adoption. Organisers reportedly estimated that around two million people attended the rally, the crowd so big that they were forced to spill out into the surrounding […]


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