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November 2016

Now BBC presenter Roger Bolton wades into the fray – and he really gets it!

DATE : November 30, 2016 AUTHOR :

Maybe you thought we were making a fuss about nothing, but BBC Producer and Radio 4 Presenter Roger Bolton has now also warned that the BBC is ‘coming up short’, and failing at a time of global crisis to take religion seriously. As reported in The Telegraph on 28 November ( the outspoken presenter thinks […]


Aaqil Ahmed leaves the BBC – new policy announced. But is it good?

DATE : November 26, 2016 AUTHOR :

Following Aaqil Ahmed’s announcement earlier this month that he was leaving the BBC as Head of Religion and Ethics, the BBC has now announced its decision to abolish the post. Instead, former Labour Minister James Purnell, currently head of radio and education, will take on responsibility for religious programming. Under these plans, therefore, there will […]


God’s in His heaven, and Trump’s in his tower … but is all well?

DATE : November 10, 2016 AUTHOR :

So, the sadly misnamed liberals, who tell us they prize tolerance and freedom of speech above all else, are at it again. Donald Trump wins a resounding victory in the US election, effectively blowing Hillary Clinton – with her beloved ‘liberal’ principles – out of the water, and her wounded supporters come out in raucous […]


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