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June 2017

VfJUK delivers petition calling on Theresa May and the Conservative party to end discrimination, condemnation, and intimidation of MPs who support traditional marriage and morality

DATE : June 20, 2017 AUTHOR :

Text of the accompanying letter read: Dear Mr McLoughin (Chairman of the Conservative Party) and Prime Minister,   Delivery of Petition: “We call for former Tory MP Andrew Turner’s immediate reselection and reinstatement as candidate for the Isle of Wight.” Long-standing Tory MP for the Isle of Wight, Andrew Turner, was reportedly forced to stand down […]


Sexually transmitted infections hit the highest levels ever!

DATE : June 12, 2017 AUTHOR :

According to recent data from Public Health England (PHE), STIs have soared by almost 100% since 2012, with cases for syphilis at their highest level since 1949.  The highest impact is apparently in heterosexuals aged 15-24, black ethnic minorities, and men who have sex with men. (See: ) Quite patently, the Government’s SRE policy is not […]


Delivery to NUT

DATE : June 8, 2017 AUTHOR :

“VfJUK hand delivering our petition to the National Union of Teachers calling for them to withdraw their recent motion to promote LGBT+ issues to toddlers. Around 16,400 people signed. We are still awaiting an answer.”


Followers of a lesser god

DATE : June 6, 2017 AUTHOR :

Another terrorist atrocity leaves the nation reeling, and once again people ask, ‘Why?’ Jeremy Corbyn says it’s our policies that have caused terrorism, and that we have brought it on ourselves. Let us be absolutely clear that we utterly condemn anything that even hints at possible justification for such evil acts, and our hearts go […]


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