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Keep Marriage Special: Reject No-Fault Divorce

DATE : December 4, 2018 AUTHOR :

Sign the Petition Here.

Petition to: To the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice – the Rt Hon David Gauke MP

…The current proposals to remove any element of fault from divorce trivialises both the commitment to, and solemnity of, marriage. It destroys any idea of covenant, and risks making it from the outset a temporary contract that can be terminated at whim by either party, without agreement from the other side…

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URGENT: Reducing family conflict: Reform of the legal requirements for divorce

DATE : November 30, 2018 AUTHOR :


Please respond to the Government Consultation in Divorce titled: “Reducing family conflict: Reform of the legal requirements for divorce”.

Download VfJUK’s Consultation Briefing into Divorce here.


URGENT: UK Relationships and Sex Education – Have your say!

DATE : November 2, 2018 AUTHOR :


Please respond to the Government Consultation into the new compulsory subjects of Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education, and Health Education, ending on November 7th.

Download VfJUK’s Consultation Briefing here.


Uphold the right of parents to have children educated in line with their religious beliefs

DATE : October 26, 2018 AUTHOR :

The attempted push by LGBT activists to make teaching about alternative lifestyles and sexualities compulsory for all children from the age of 4 is a declaration of war against Christianity. It suppresses freedom of belief as enshrined in the Bible, and denies the right to free speech. Worse, it is a form of indoctrination of young minds, who have no experience or understanding of the possible outcomes of different behaviours and who, by definition, lack the emotional and intellectual maturity to judge such issues for themselves.


National Cross Day 2018

DATE : September 24, 2018 AUTHOR :

  Calling all Christians, National Cross Day on Wednesday, 26th September.   VfJUK is proud to stand with the organisers of this powerful initiative. Visit the National Cross Day Website Christ died so that we might have life, so wear your cross with pride. Together, let us reclaim this nation for the Lord!’   Wear your cross […]


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