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DATE : November 13, 2018 AUTHOR :

One hundred years ago, on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the bloody carnage of World War 1 ended.  A generation of young men had given their tomorrows in the hell-hole of the trenches so that those back home might be safe. So that the values upon which our nation was founded […]


URGENT – November 7. Respond to the RSE Consultation

DATE : November 5, 2018 AUTHOR :

The RSE Consultation into the Draft Statutory Guidance determining the content and delivery of the new regulations applying to Relationships Education (Primary), Relationships and Sex Education (Secondary) and Health Education (inclusive), closes on November 7.   The regulations will apply to all schools in England from 2020. Almost unbelievably, some people are still unaware the Consultation is even taking place, while others seem to think […]


Is this acceptable?

DATE : October 18, 2018 AUTHOR :

The attempted push by LGBTQ activists to make teaching about alternative lifestyles and sexualities compulsory for all children from the age of 4 is a declaration of war against Christianity. Books such as Tango makes three, an early reading picture book about a gay penguin couple who adopt a chick, alongside King and King,  My […]


Moral decadence and cowardice …. or demonically inspired madness

DATE : August 21, 2018 AUTHOR :

Ely Cathedral proclaims solidarity with the LGBT community and flies the rainbow flag at the city’s first ever Gay Pride Parade (  Yet more evidence, if any were needed, of the Church of England’s growing celebration of apostasy. Let us be clear, the Bible unequivocally prohibits any and all behaviours identified as sexual sin, which includes […]


Justice for David Skinner: Charge LGBT thugs with assault

DATE : July 31, 2018 AUTHOR : – On Saturday, 14thJuly, Bournemouth held a Gay Pride Parade through the centre of town. According to the local paper, thousands of spectators lined the streets to welcome the dozens of floats celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender culture. The parade was led by crews from Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Service, joined by members of the police force, fire service and paramedics. David Skinner is an elderly gentleman who also attended, but in his case to bear witness to the shocking death at the turn of the century of Harry Hammond, a 69 year old, Christian street preacher, who in 2001 was physically attacked at a similar parade, after the sign he was carrying provoked outrage from the crowd…


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