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Magna Carta

… how free are YOU today?

On 15 June 1215, King John met with the barons at Runnymede to sign a document that would ensure the freedom of the Church, the liberties of the barons, and make himself equally subject to the law: Magna Carta.

It has become one of the most celebrated and influential documents in history and the foundation of Western Democracy. It was described by Lord Denning as “… the foundation of the freedom of the individual against the arbitrary authority of the despot.”

This year we celebrate its 800th anniversary, but how real are the liberties it sets out today?

Freedom of speech … only where it supports the new dogma
Freedom of conscience … only so long as it doesn’t infringe countervailing values
Freedom of belief … only in private and behind closed doors

The truth is that Christians are being increasingly marginalized and gagged!
Faith is being redefined.

Where will it all end?

Come and join our Rally calling for genuine Freedom, Equality, and Diversity

Where: Old Palace Yard
When: Monday, June 15th
Time: 12 – 2pm

Speakers so far include: Baroness Cox, Dennis Wrigley (Maranatha), Andrea Williams (Christian Concern), Alan Craig (political campaigner and former leader Christian Peoples Alliance), Edmund Adamus (‎Director for Marriage & Family Life, Archdiocese of Westminster), Lynda Rose (VfJUK). More to come!

Dress up, or come as you are. Tell your friends and bring a bus load!

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Say no to growing restrictions on Freedom of

Join us and make our voice heard!


4 Responses to Magna Carta – how free are YOU today?

  1. Eileen A Maher says:

    Dear vfjuk,

    Thank you for your timely article laying out the ‘discrimination’ against Christians of all denominations.I get the feeling ,perhaps wrongly that the Government are so busy trying not to offend people of other faiths and no faith, that they no longer value our 2000 years of Christian heritage, seldom acknowledging that many of our laws and institutions are Christian based. Where it nor for Christianity, these Islands and Europe would not be the places of tolerance,learning and culture that they are. Nor would we have the magnificent cathedrals, the art and music which is based on our Christian heritage. We should be proud of our faith and say so openly. We have nothing to fear!!!!! Or do we???

  2. angela ellis-jones says:

    Equality has superseded Christianity as the organising principle of the modern British State. Any actions which contravene its imperatives will be severely punished. Equality is a value of the Left,not the Right.It is therefore particularly alarming that the ‘Conservative’ party under Cameron is pursuing the ‘Equality’ agenda as religiously as Labour would have done,if in office. Vote UKIP!

    Please give details of the book launch on 15/6

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  4. R Linda Hart says:

    I live overseas and can’t join you, but have forwarded to many friends in UK. Freedom of speech is one of the most precious things we have and must be protected.

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