Call to government to prohibit all medical treatment for gender reassignment below age of 18

With increasing reports of people seeking reversal of gender reassignment surgery (see recent report in The Independent, ; see also The Guardian, we call for medical intervention to change gender, whether surgical or by the administration of sex changing hormones, to be banned below the age of 18.

Increasingly in schools, children as young as four are being taught that gender is a matter of choice and not biology. The inevitable result is that increasing numbers of children are seeing themselves as having been born in ‘the wrong body’ and are demanding treatment. Many subsequently regret it, as seen in the recent case of a boy who embarked on gender reassignment and, as consequence, developed breasts, but who then decided he wanted to grow up as a man. Although still in possession of his penis, he had pronounced female characteristics, which could only be corrected by surgery (

While some children may genuinely suffer from gender dysphoria – defined as strong and persistent feelings of identification with the opposite gender and discomfort with their birth sex – it is medically well documented that expression of such feelings are frequently both normal and transient, and without intervention naturally dissipate over time. Where more persistent, they are more often expression, rather than cause, of an underlying and primary problem, which may well be exacerbated by invasive gender reassignment treatment.

As a society we seek to protect children and young people from harm. We attempt to protect them from the consequences of decisions they are too young to make for themselves. For example, young children are not allowed to cross the road on their own; children cannot legally consent to sex below the age of 16; the sale of alcohol is banned to children under the age of 18; children under the age of 16 are not allowed to work full time, etc.

Yet, by teaching children that gender is a matter of choice and not sex, we allow and even encourage them to make life-changing decisions that they may in time bitterly regret.

If a young person cannot legally buy a glass of beer below the age of 18, how is it we encourage them to make life changing decisions involving the surgical mutilation of an otherwise healthy body, lifelong infertility, and with a life time spent on sex change hormones carrying well documented health risks and shortening life expectancy?

This cannot be right. While a child is free to choose to adopt the style of dress and manners of the opposite gender, for their future wellbeing, we call on Government to make illegal the offer of irreversible and life changing medical treatments for all children under the age of 18.

Please sign our petition here:



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What if…?

What if Jesus had never been born?   What if Mary, at age 14, had discovered she was pregnant, gone to the school nurse, and had an abortion without her parents even knowing?

What would have been Mary’s future? What would have been the future for the world?

Okay, let’s forget the first scenario because abortion wasn’t widely available in the first century – certainly not for a good Jewish girl. But let’s suppose Herod had been successful in his slaughter of Bethlehem’s innocent, and managed to cleanse what he clearly saw as a potential embarrassment to his rule. So Jesus would have been born…. but murdered before the age of two, with the result that God’s plan to save and redeem mankind would literally have died at birth.   After which, following the trauma, Mary would maybe have had a nervous breakdown – no doubt to the extreme consternation of Joseph, who, let’s face it, had been having doubts about her ever since first finding she was pregnant. Eventually, however, and in the absence of any alternative, the two would maybe have accepted both the reality of foreign occupation, and of each other.   So Joseph might have joined the local resistance cell and, when not making tables, become a freedom fighter. And Mary – quickly finding herself once again pregnant – would have knuckled down to the role of wife and mother, and started cooking chicken soup.

But what about the future of the world?

Well, in the short term, Herod’s reign would no doubt have been triumphantly glorious, as he strengthened Israel’s political and trade links with Rome, and quashed all internal opposition, establishing himself as supreme ruler and head of the new dynasty. The Roman Eagle would in turn have won permanent position over the entrance to the Temple, and worship of Caesar would have been superimposed over worship of Yahweh, thus bringing Israel into line with the rest of the empire. But, perhaps most important of all, the Jewish and Gentile followers of the prematurely slaughtered Messiah would never have come into existence, so that by definition the early church would also never have existed.

Which would have meant that, further down the line, the values that underpinned Magna Carta and in turn became the foundation for Western Democracy would also never have existed. Cruelty, abuse, slavery and exploitation of our fellow human beings would doubtless not just have continued unchecked, but would have flourished – as indeed attested by the 46 million plus men, women and children still enslaved in Islamic countries today.   All of which serves to illustrate that, although Secularists like to argue that goodness is innate to the human condition and exists independent of Christianity, the evidence would suggest the opposite, and that men and women without Christ are a pretty hopeless bunch of self-interested opportunists.

Today, the same evil that tempted Eve and then tried to destroy the baby born in a stable is once again fighting to impose control. It cannot triumph, of course, because the decisive battle to break the stranglehold imposed by the devil following Adam and Eve’s fall was fought and won at the Cross.   By His death, Christ shattered Satan’s hold and gave us opportunity to become once again sons and daughters of God- to become fully what God had made and intended us to be. But though the victory was won then, redemption was not automatic – rather it is something we have actively to choose.   So evil was not driven entirely from the world until, Jesus said, every man, woman and child on the planet had been given chance to hear and respond to the message of God’s saving love.   And only then, when everyone had been given opportunity to enter into life, would God pass final judgment on Satan and his hordes and, after the last battle – Armageddon – cast them into the Pit.

So today we are in that interim period when the rebel forces are battling for survival, and Satan, the father of lies and their commander in chief, is trying to wrest back control from God. His weapons are still the same as ever: lies and temptations. You are yourselves god, he whispers; you can choose whatever you want, indulging your every desire; all that matters is ‘knowledge’.   Obedience to God isn’t life, but servile bondage to a joyless and judgmental tyrant!

Absolute freedom! Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?   We can both design our own cake and eat it. Everybody happy.

Only the trouble is … we’re not.   In this brave new world we have created, with its rebranded morality and exultation of consumerism, men and women are left increasingly isolated, lonely, and damaged.   Unrestrained sexual indulgence and promiscuity have led not to happiness, but to epidemic level rates of STIs, many of which cannot be cured.   While the serialised relationships and absence of commitment, that inevitably result, have led to vast swathes of society left lonely and alone. And children, first casualties of adult over-indulgence and denied the stability of loving parents, are in turn left emotionally crippled and maimed.

The truth – the elephant in the room that secular and LGBTQ acolytes of the ‘new’ religion are doing their best to deny – is that the great god ‘self’ gives in return only despair and death.

We stand at the beginning of a new year.   We wish you every happiness and blessing for 2018 – but let us never forget that we are in a spiritual battle for the soul of the world, and that the fate of many – in both this world and the next – hangs in balance.

Two thousand years ago Jesus paid the ultimate price to set us free. Despite the devil’s every effort to prevent God’s plan for our redemption, the small, defenceless baby born in a stable survived and, in time, by his death on the Cross and resurrection, opened up the way and restored us to ‘One-ness’ with God.

The light shines in darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome it.

To us now is entrusted Christ’s message of salvation. Let us not betray His sacrifice.   Whatever the months ahead may hold, let us face them with courage, and an unswerving commitment to righteousness and truth.


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Scrap guidance to teachers in Church of England schools promoting gender dysphoria among children.

To the Most Revd and Rt Hon Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

The Church of England has issued guidance to its primary schools, allowing children to identify as transgender. As a part of normal child development children ‘explore’ who they are. Since time immemorial girls have been tom-boys, wanting to climb trees, play football, and join in the latest ‘action’ games, often involving light sabres, bows and arrows, or guns.   Equally, boys have liked dressing up, while Action Man is as much a ‘doll’ as is Cindy. None of these behaviours mean that the children involved have been trapped in the wrong bodies, and need to be helped or encouraged to change.

Increasingly these days, children and young people get depressed and unhappy.  The rates for diagnosable mental illness in children have in recent years skyrocketed. The causes are many and various, arising from things such as distressing home situations; bullying; sexual, verbal and physical abuse (exacerbated by social media and the internet); feelings of inadequacy… the list is endless. Very rarely are these issues resolved by changing gender – indeed, it is well documented that expression of gender dysphoria is more likely a symptom, rather than cause, of the actual problem. To put it another way, it is a passing phase, which will disappear naturally when the primary cause is addressed – or even more simply, when children mature.

To encourage a child to change gender at an early stage of development, when they are still exploring who they are, is not caring, but is rather a form of abuse. Even putting a child on puberty blockers, while they explore their options, will have physical repercussions that may adversely affect their future development and fertility. Far worse are sex change hormones which produce physical effects, and which are difficult, even impossible , subsequently to reverse.

There are now growing numbers of referrals for children who have embarked on these treatments, but who have subsequently changed their minds. Such children are then faced with distressing, albeit entirely avoidable, treatment – as seen, for example, in the recent case of a boy who embarked on gender reassignment and, as consequence, developed breasts, but who then decided he wanted to grow up as a man. Although still in possession of his penis, he had pronounced female characteristics, which could only be corrected by surgery ( There are increasing numbers of such reports, both in this country and abroad.

Inevitably, implementation of the CofE guidance – amounting to prioritizing the treatment of children with what is perceived to be gender dysphoria – will raise questions in the minds of children who are currently untroubled by issues of gender (mis)identity. Children are impressionable, and a sensitive child may well become troubled as result. What of their welfare, and the entirely justifiable concerns of their parents?

The Bible says clearly that men and women complement and complete each other.   The first chapter of Genesis states we are made of the same flesh, but separate and different, and that together we are made in the image of God. By this new guidance issued to teachers, the Church of England is traducing this core and, up to now, unquestioned, doctrine.  Infinitely worse, it is importing onto children adult perspectives designed to enforce ideologically driven social and cultural change, and is yet another example of Christian doctrine being undermined from within the Church – whether by people who are trying to turn the Church away from Christian teaching, or by people too naive or spineless to resist them.

It is implanting in children’s minds ideas they cannot possibly evaluate and assess for themselves, and is accordingly tantamount to brainwashing. Although for a very tiny minority gender identity may be a genuine issue, for the greater number it will not.  But the CofE’s new policy will be destabilizing for all.

For all these reasons, the guidance is wrong and endangers children. It is a form of abuse. We therefore call on the Church of England to uphold the traditional teaching of the Bible and, while caring for all children equally, to encourage normal development aligned with a child’s biological sex.

Sign petition here:

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Response from Lord Ahmed

Response from Lord Ahmed, writing on behalf of The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, following delivery or our petition calling for rejection of the Wilton Park Report calling for global suppression of Christianity.



We are especially struck by the last two sentences:

“We also take no position on the theological or moral tenets of any particular faith or interpretation of that faith.  We will, however, speak out strongly against individuals and groups who seek to abuse faith through perverse interpretations, which are then used to incite violence and persecute others.”  (Emphasis added)

Exactly who does Lord Ahmad have in mind here?

We have now written and thanked Lord Ahmad for his assurance that the Government is doing all in its power to combat Islamic extremism.

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Uncork the bubbly?

It is a time, it seems, for anniversaries.  Fifty years since the passing of the UK Abortion Act, with its toll of almost 9 million babies.  One hundred years since the Russian Revolution – that also saw the slaughter of millions.  And now, more positively, the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, launched after Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg.

In his poem, The Four Quartets, T S Eliot famously said, ‘humankind cannot stand too much reality’.  People have debated his meaning ever since, but perhaps most obviously the words resonate with our inability to experience, enter into, and maintain ‘truth’, carrying within that our predisposition to sin.  Two of these anniversaries are surely testimony to the delusion with which we willfully deceive ourselves.  For example, you can ‘legitimately’ take the life of an unborn child, because it’s not a human being till it’s born; equally, you can ‘legitimately’ tear down and destroy the beliefs and structures on which society is built, with all the human slaughter that entails, and forcibly reallocate resources … in order to impose a class system that will allow equality and fairness for all.   Who are we kidding?  The rationale for both testifies to the human capacity to reconstruct morality, elevating self-interest and self-justification over truth in order to avoid responsibility for what we do.  As Eliot hints, if we really acknowledge the truth, how could we live with ourselves?

The third anniversary, however, is almost diametrically opposed to this delusional mindset, because it demonstrates the courage of the human spirit to reach out to truth, no matter what the cost, while confronting the evil we have allowed.   Luther’s stand against the sale of indulgences – Medieval Monopoly’s Get out of Hell card – flew in the face of Catholic hegemony that asserted its right to put a price on salvation.   The monk’s rediscovery of grace, coming like the unwelcome announcement of prohibition at a beer festival, was a direct challenge to the ecclesiastical power brokers of his day, who insisted that entry into heaven was entirely dependent on good works, and that the eternal and inescapable inadequacy of believers meant they had to pay.

For many, this view of the gospel had meant existential despair  – at the very least death meant a long stay in limbo, at worst, eternal damnation.   Whatever you paid, nothing was certain.   Luther’s cry that salvation was by grace and not merit came, therefore, like the inrush of life restoring water at the end of a long and terrible drought.   Yet many who eagerly embraced this ‘new’ understanding would pay the ultimate price with their lives.

Today we are once again attempting to re-define the gospel, with a whole new set of ecclesiastical ‘indulgences’ that determine who can and cannot enter heaven.   According to the reframed Bible, ‘In’ are all those people who advocate non-judgmental, indiscriminate love – which is another way of saying every lifestyle and every belief system is now approved.  ‘Out’ are all those who hold to what is branded a literal understanding of the Bible.  Thus ‘religion’ is approved, provided only it endorse the reconfigured morality of the secular State, with any and everything else branded hatred, intolerance, and bigotry.

Yet more self-delusion, it appears, to justify behaviours that in any other age would have been branded sin and apostasy.

Disintegrating families; what seem almost daily reports of sex grooming scandals and abuse; soaring mental health problems … we see the results all around.  Medieval Monopoly’s Get out of Hell card has become transmuted into what for many today is a one-way ticket to hell on earth.

We are in urgent need of another ‘reformation’.

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