LGBT intolerance prevails – Don’t let them win!

It is with profound sadness that we report Cllr Richard Smith has been forced to resign from office as Mayor of Ferryhill, after a campaign of extreme intimidation and abuse provoked by complaints of LGBTQ activist and professional female impersonator Mark Boyes, aka Tess Tickle.

The online abuse and threats of violence from LGBTQ supporters have been so intense and frightening that Cllr Smith was forced to report them to the police.

In a statement accompanying his resignation, the ex-mayor said, “To be denied the opportunity to hold personal views was never my expectation when I undertook the role of town mayor, and it is a matter of sincere regret to me that those personal views have been so tragically and outrageously twisted and reported on in order to discredit both myself and my faith.

“I believe everybody has a right to chose who they are but my perspective, being a Christian and a minister, is what the Bible says. I have no hatred to anyone who chooses that lifestyle, but don’t want to be forced to accept it.”

Mr Smith added  he could no longer bear to see his family, colleagues or church threatened due to the backlash


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Where is justice?

In 21stcentury Britain, truth is apparently outmoded, irrelevant, and dead.  Certainly, in the case of Richard Smith -pastor of Immanuel Christian Fellowship, decorated military veteran, and mayor of Ferryhill, Co Durham – slaughtered by the unremitting and vicious attack of LGBTQ activists.

The unforgiveable crime of which Mr Smith stands accused is that on his private Facebook page he allegedly shared social media posts critical of homosexuality.  He is therefore a hate-filled bigot.

Now let us be absolutely clear here, Mr Smith is a committed Christian who holds to Biblical morality, which does indeed hold certain behaviours to be sin.    The heart of the gospel is that we are all sinners, and that Christ came to save us from sin.  To put it another way, God condemns sin, which he takes very seriously, but loves sinners.  In fact, God loves sinners so much, that He sent His only Son to battle for our liberation!  So, unsurprisingly, this is Mr Smith’s position.   He cannot endorse what the Bible labels sin, but unequivocally does not hate sinners.  On the contrary, he has publicly stated  “As a Christian and a minister of the church, anyone regardless of faith, culture, race, gender or sexuality is welcome to my support.”

So exactly where is the bigotry and intolerance here?

The only evidence VfJUK can find is with LGBTQ activists, who from the moment Richard Smith was elected mayor have appeared determined to force him out, branding him a hate-filled bigot, who should not be allowed to hold public office.  In this they have been supported by The Northern Echo, the local newspaper, which from the first has carried extensive coverage of the campaign, throwing its weight behind the female impersonator and complainant Mark Boyes, aka Tess Tickle.

Day after day the paper has reported criticism and calls for Mr Smith’s resignation, coupled with statements of outrage.  Fine, you may say, public information and all that.  But it hasn’t mentioned the not inconsiderable public support for the mayor, nor the widespread condemnation of the tactics of those trying to get him removed. For instance, the poll the newspaper itself carried asking for readers’ opinions on whether or not Mr Smith should resign and showing a clear 56% majority calling for him to stay, has been quietly dropped.  Much too has been made of an online petition calling for the mayor’s resignation, which has attracted over 400 signatures!  Yet the online petition calling for Mr Smith’s support and so far numbering over 4,300 signatures has been entirely ignored!

Meanwhile, Tess Tickle’s supporters have been quick to post their thoughts on social media, an example of which is below.   A lady who must here remain anonymous, but of whose post we have a screen shot, wrote:

“This day in age.  F…. sake!  Tie the twat up in a rainbow flag, strip the nob head naked and leave him there to be laughed at.  This shits getting boring!  His breed are getting fewer though, you just do have the odd few still breathing. X”. (Grammatical errors are reproduced in entirety)

Nice.  And this was one of the less threatening posts.

Now VfJUK has been told that Mr Smith’s supporters have been harassed, spat upon, subjected to threats of violence, and at least one gentleman has had the wheel nuts on his car loosened!  This kind of behaviour, however, is apparently completely acceptable, when its object is … a Christian, who has been sincerely trying to fulfil his civic duty.

Today the Government has proudly announced a 75 point plan to improve the lives of gay people. Citing a recent survey of gay people in the UK, the BBC reported,

“LGBT hate incidents had been experienced by 40% of people in the survey, with more than nine in 10 of the most serious offences going unreported.” (

On the evidence of Ferryhill, it would seem that Christians daring to voice their belief are even more likely to experience hate crime – certainly they are being increasingly hounded out of public life!   But who rises in their defence?

So exactly what is the reality here?  Who are the intolerant bigots?  And who really are the victims?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Mr Smith tells us he is feeling so beleaguered that he now believes he may have no course other than to resign.   The persecution campaign appears to be gaining momentum.

Please, write to the newspapers and, if you live in Co. Durham, your local MP, calling out for this intimidation and bullying to be stopped, and for justice.  Call for Mr Smith to be confirmed in office.

And please sign our petition in Mr Smith’s support.  Though, in all honesty, we can’t guarantee that the Ferryhill council will pay any attention!




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Free speech for all – except Christians!

It is almost impossible to believe, but in 21stcentury Britain Christians across the country are being vilified, abused, and hounded out of office, simply for daring to voice beliefs drawn from the Bible.  Beliefs, it need hardly be said, that have been the foundation of our culture and laws for a thousand years.   The latest victim of this outrage is Richard Smith, pastor of Immanuel Christian Fellowship, decorated military veteran, and mayor of Ferryhill, Co Durham.

Elected to office in May this year by his fellow councillors – who presumably must have held Mr Smith in high regard to have given him their vote – only weeks into his tenure he has now been targeted and attacked by a local drag artist and, it appears, LGBTQ activist, who goes under the stage name Tess Tickle (;   Mark Boyes, or Tess Tickle, depending on your preferred persona, launched into immediate attack because of Richard Smith’s private comments on his Facebook page about homosexuality and Islam.

Were these comments frothing, hate filled venom, condemnation and bigotry, as Mark Boyes claims?  No, they were affirmation and reflection of deeply held Christian belief that acknowledges we are all sinners who can be saved only by repentance of our sin.  And, wholly in line with Christian belief, Mr Smith believes that certain behaviours remain ‘sin’ and most definitely need repentance, even though the greater part of society now appears to think that morality is governed by personal inclination.   In fact the Mayor expressly says, “As a Christian and a minister of the church, anyone regardless of faith, culture, race, gender or sexuality is welcome to my support.”

Does this sound like hatred, or bigotry?  No, it sounds like compassion.

Let us be absolutely clear.  What Mark Boyes (who is gay, but doesn’t, as far as VfJUK can tell, identify as female off-stage) is effectively saying is that you are no longer allowed to express Christian belief in public.  And you are definitely not permitted to express criticism of his chosen lifestyle.

Is this acceptable? No, it is not. It is part of a movement of unparalleled bigotry and intimidation by self-appointed spokespersons for minority groups seeking to impose their ideological beliefs onto the rest of humanity.  With apologies to Oscar Wilde, it is the hatred that dares not speak its name, but which wants to drive Christianity entirely from the public domain. 

Like it or not, this nation is caught in an ideological battle, and at stake is freedom of belief and free speech.   Using the weapons of rebranded morality, secularists and LBGTQ activists are fighting to impose ideological totalitarianism that will only allow expression of their own views.  They must not be allowed to succeed.

In this era of rebranded morality, it is not ‘alright’ for followers of the libertarian god of sexual licence to attack and intimidate those who, without bigotry or hatred, express Christian belief.   Only those who fear they are wrong would go to such lengths to silence and suppress any and all views that express dissent.   For the future of our nation, they must not prevail.

Please sign our petition calling for Ferryhill council to give their unreserved support to Mr Smith as Mayor, and to condemn LGBTQ intimidation and harassment.

Sign here:






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Why the Church of England is Dying

Hear Lynda in interview on Air TV:


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Hands off our children!

Please sign our petition to the Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Theresa May, calling for Government to scrap the guidance stopping parental access to children’s medical records

We thought it was maybe misinterpretation of new GDPR requirements, when parents started to receive letters from their doctors’ surgeries telling them they would no longer be allowed access to their child’s medical records, unless the child gave explicit permission.  It appears, however, that we were wrong, because the Government has now issued a Briefing Paper entitled Patient records and confidentiality.   And as s part of this, The British Medical Association (BMA) has produced guidance on confidentiality and the disclosure of health records in relation to children.  The guidance states:

…children who are aged 12 or over are generally expected to have capacity to give or withhold their consent to the release of information …

If the child is competent to understand what is involved in the proposed treatment, the health professional should, unless there are convincing reasons to the contrary … respect the child’s wishes if they do not want parents or guardians to know. However, every reasonable effort must be made to persuade the child to involve parents or guardians particularly for important or life-changing decisions.’ (House of Commons Briefing Paper, Number 07103, 25 May 2018)

This means that Children age 12+ will have to give explicit consent allowing their parents or guardians access to their health records, otherwise all information will be withheld.  The practical effect of this will therefore be to give children the right to make decisions about medical treatment without their parents’ knowledge or consent – indeed, in possible opposition to their parents’ wishes.  Moreover, in practice it will mean that children become reliant on advice given by medical practitioners, of whose identity their parents may be unaware and over whom they have no influence.

This will inevitably place children at risk, especially in relation to matters of sexual health and so-called gender choice. 

Currently, as a society, we prohibit the purchase of both tobacco and alcohol below the age of 18.  Since 1885, when an age limit was introduced to try and stop child prostitution, the age of consent for sexual intercourse for both boys and girls has been 16.  A young person below the age of 18 cannot marry without parental consent, though with consent, a child can marry at 16.

There are sound reasons for these restrictions.  It is recognized that children lack emotional maturity and judgment and, as a consequence, may indulge in hazardous behaviours that will endanger their future wellbeing and safety.  The age limits are designed to keep them safe.  Yet now we are apparently proposing to allow children to make permanent, life-changing, and potentially life-shortening decisions that, when older, they may bitterly regret.

The BMA guidance states that there is no presumption of competence under the age of 16 – but it goes on to state that, “If the child is competent to understand what is involved in the proposed treatment, the health professional should, unless there are convincing reasons to the contrary … respect the child’s wishes if they do not want parents or guardians to know.  It makes no mention of the fact that the child may be influenced by, and rely on, the views of health professionals.

To spell this out, it means that children will be able to assume sole responsibility for any treatment they might have.  For example, they will be able to choose whether or not to have contraception, whether or not to have an abortion, and to seek treatment for any STIs they might contract.  In express contravention of existing NHS guidelines regarding treatment for gender dysphoria, recommending that invasive treatment not be given under the age of 18 (, they will also be able to request and obtain life-changing hormonal and surgical intervention, perhaps in direct and explicit opposition to their parents’ wishes.

This is not just an abuse of the rights and duty of parents to protect their children, but it is potentially dangerous.   Far from enshrining a child’s right to privacy and choice, at the very least it exposes them to exploitation and abuse by the unscrupulous.

But it has other consequences too.  What happens, for instance, when a post-abortion 13 year old haemorrhages and is rushed to hospital, and the parentscan’t tell the over-worked doctor in A&E that she’s had an abortion – because they don’t know – so that she receives the wrong treatment?   Or what happens to the child who develops clinical depression as result of inappropriate contraceptive advice, but tries to shoulder the burden alone, because she’s too ashamed to tell her parents why?   Or the child who suffers a prolapse as result of anal intercourse?  Or even the young person who at 12 decides they want  – and manages to get – sex change surgery – only to decide a couple of years later (as happens) that they made the wrong choice?  This policy removes the inhibitions that currently act as safeguards.  It removes all protection from children far too young to make life-changing decisions for themselves.

Twelve is too young to bear such responsibility!  Parents have not just the right, but the duty,to protect their children – and for this they need to know what’s going on in their children’s lives.

We call on the Government to acknowledge parents as bearing primary responsibility for their children’s welfare and to scrap this lunatic guidance, which can only serve the ideological agenda of sexual libertarianism and LGBT and transgender activism.  But will not protect children.

Give parents full access to their child’s online medical records until at least age 16.

Scrap the guidance stopping parental access to children’s medical records.

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