Determining Children’s Lives: Parents or the State?

So Alfie Evans has lost his battle, and the Christian Legal Centre is now apparently facing investigation by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) for the advice given to his parents.

VfJUK asks if this is retribution by a political elite dedicated to the imposition of totalitarian control by a State that increasingly denies parental and individual rights?

Consider, in education we are increasingly being subjected to ideological indoctrination, which prioritises secular, LGBT and gender rights over all others, in clear misapplication of the enforcement and safeguarding of protected characteristics as defined under the Equality Act. By which we mean that, although similarly a protected characteristic, religion is apparently now only acceptable when it endorses the State line of so-called sexual and moral diversity – and if anything was ever misnamed, this is surely it, because ‘diversity’ now refuses absolutely to countenance any and all views that conflict with or contradict its rebranded version of morality.

So compliance is now being imposed on all schools by the regulatory body Ofsted. And, lest we are in any doubt, this includes ‘Faith schools’, which by definition in this brave new world hold politically incorrect views in need of suppression. It is for this imposition of values we don’t hold that we apparently have to pay our taxes – and now, in health matters too, we have seemingly to cede control to the all-powerful, but hardly benign, State.

In the case of Alfie Evans, what is so supremely shocking is not the decision by the hospital to withdraw life support – VfJUK fully endorses the view that there is no moral imperative to keep alive a body by artificial means once life as such has ended. No, the really shocking and deeply distressing thing is that medical opinion was clearly divided and, while the doctors at Alder Hey said there was nothing further they could or were prepared to do, other equally well-respected and eminent doctors voluntarily offered to undertake care of the toddler. AND WERE REFUSED. In fact, Alder Hey’s only response was to seek a court order to keep the child in virtual imprisonment, thus depriving him in one fell swoop of the chance, however remote, of both help and life.

Alfie’s parents desperately wanted to give their child that chance – and what individual, or indeed body, with the slightest trace of compassion and moral integrity could not have understood?   Who would it have hurt? Not Alfie, who at one point was said by the hospital to be too far gone to have any sense of what was going on, and would have had every possible care on his journey to Rome (and might even have been fed, as apparently he wasn’t in Alder Hey until 24 hours before his death, when his organs were presumably already closing down); and not the tax payer, because there was never any question of the NHS being asked to fund this.   Yet the NHS and the Courts chose to differ.

In Alfie’s best interests.

According to whom, we ask? True, Alfie might still have lost his battle, but at least he would have gone down fighting. As it is, the little boy’s death feels unpleasantly like execution.

And now the Christian Legal Centre is facing investigation because, as it seems, they dared stand up to the Establishment and offered help. Yes, yes, we know the main subject of complaint appears to be the over-zealous opinions offered by one of CLC’s case workers, variously branded by High Court judge Mr Justice Hayden as incorrect legal advice, vituperative bile, and deluded and fanatical ( ; ). But the base line is, they were offering legal help to parents who had nowhere else to go. They were doing their job.

Shame on the Establishment! It does not lie with doctors or the State to determine what is in our best interest and when we should die. The parents’ right to try and help their sick child should have prevailed. The State should have moved heaven and earth to uphold that right.

Nanny does not know best.

It is time for the State to learn it is the servant and not master of the people.

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Parent Power in the news

We’re thrilled to see that Parent Power, our new website for empowering parents to protect children has been featured in the news blog of the Anglican Mainstream. You can read the full article here, or visit the new Parent Power website yourself here: Parent Power.

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ParentPower: New website officially launched in Parliament!

On Wednesday, 18th April, the new website ParentPower was formally launched in Parliament at a meeting hosted by Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP. The strapline to the site is ‘empowering parents to protect children’ and the DUP MP for Lagan Valley began by saying how much this was needed, because successive governments had by their policies undermined families and eroded parental rights. As result, he said that increasingly today parents needed help to cope with ‘the system’.

You can read the full report here.

ParentPower can be found at:

Also reported in the Church of England newspaper and reproduced here:

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Justice for all! Stop religious hate crime against white people in London.

A young single parent white mother and her two children living in a predominantly Asian area of London have, over the last eighteen months, been subjected to a campaign of violent intimidation and physical and verbal abuse by their Muslim neighbours – who appear to object to the family’s ethnicity and their Christian faith. Death threats have even been made against them, and the situation has now become so bad that the teenage daughter is frightened to go out of the house alone. Visitors to the house have also been accosted and threatened.

Complaints to the police have so far elicited no response other than to tell the mother that she is bigoted: she is, they say, living in a mainly Asian area and must be sensitive to the ‘feelings’ of the local community.

Were the situation reversed there is absolutely no doubt this would be investigated as a hate crime, and the people involved would be arrested and prosecuted. Why then is this same protection not being extended to a white, Christian mother and her family? Why are they living in fear?

We call on Sadiq Khan as mayor of London to initiate a full enquiry into the failures of the police and social services properly to investigate this matter. We further call for the arrest and prosecution of all those involved in this racially motivated hate campaign of abuse and intimidation, the express object of which has been and is to drive this family from their home.

Sign our petition to the Mayor of London here:

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Let justice flow like a river…

We hear a lot in the news today about intolerance, hatred, racism and bigotry, and it is of course entirely right that as a society we confront and condemn such evils.   But there appears to be a profound injustice at work here, not unmixed with deliberate sophistry.

VfJUK has recently learned of the situation faced by a young single parent white mother and her two children, aged 15 and 4. Living in a predominantly Asian area in London, with Muslim neighbours, this small and beleaguered family has over the past months been subjected to quite horrific intimidation and abuse, including threats to kill them if they don’t move out. Only this weekend it seems, the teenage daughter was even chased out of the house and down the street by an enraged neighbour, screaming demands that the family move. The child is now deeply traumatised and, by all accounts, nervous of even going out.

It would appear that the ‘crime’ of this lady and her children is that they are Christian. They regularly listen to Praise and Worship music on the radio, and on occasion sing such songs with the windows open, or out in the garden. The complaint it appears – frequently and loudly voiced by their neighbours – is not against the volume, but the content.

If ever there was a case of racially motivated hate crime, this is surely it. But no, say the local police. The family needs to appreciate that they are living in a Muslim area and to exercise more tolerance and understanding.   They are being bigoted.

So let us stand back a little here and look at the incomprehensible reasons behind this politically correct, cultural drivel. The area, as said, is predominantly Asian. The local police apparently reflect this ethnic mix, as does the local council, and the local authority – all of whom are seemingly unprepared to admit the possibility of anti-Christian, anti-white bias and/or behaviour. But pushing excrement through the letterbox and making death threats against those who don’t conform to the belief system and customs of what is coming to sound alarmingly like a Muslim ghetto is apparently fine.

No, it is not.

At the very least this family needs support, and those responsible for such intimidation and abuse should be charged and dealt with under English law.   Over the years, as a nation, we have welcomed without reserve migrants and refugees, giving them homes, jobs, and financial and political security.   Many may well now have British citizenship, but they remain newcomers and do not have the right to insist that we conform with their highly intolerant, and at times violent, values. To put it another way, there must be no no-go areas in the UK, where different belief systems and rules prevail. The law of this land is one law, based on Christian values, and all must be subject to it.

VfJUK  calls for proper investigation into all such cases, and for the even-handed administration of justice, irrespective of race or creed!

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