Enforced redefinition of faith. Thank you, guys!

There is a covert, but highly unpleasant, revolution taking place in this country. It is true that blood has not so far been shed, but it is nevertheless deadly, and the path of this relentless juggernaut is strewn with the mangled remains of … Bible believing Christians. In any other century they would have been called martyrs.

What am I talking about? In recent days we have seen the MP for the Isle of Wight, Andrew Turner, forced to stand down as Parliamentary candidate by Conservative Central Office after having reportedly told A-level students at Newport that homosexuality was wrong and dangerous to society. Surely, one would have thought, if the man honestly felt this and could give reasons why, while maintaining charity towards people attracted to the same sex, he was entitled to say so. But apparently not. A sixteen year old student and LGBT activist quickly posted her outrage on social media, after which the MP was universally pilloried for his contemptible bigotry, seen for example in the scathing denunciation by Labour election boss, Andrew Gwynne, “There is no place for bigotry and hatred like this in modern society, and no one holding these views is fit for public office.” (https://onthewight.com/andrew-turner-homosexual-comments-response-isle-of-wight/   Read more on the story here, http://www.iwcp.co.uk/news/Anger-over-alleged-Andrew-Turner-homosexuality-comments-314956.aspx and http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/04/28/tory-mp-stands-allegedly-telling-students-homosexuality-wrong/).

At the same time Tim Farron, well-know Christian and leader of the LibDems, was repeatedly hounded in the press to say whether or not he believed homosexuality was a sin. The clear and obvious implication was that if he stood by traditional Christian doctrine and said it was, he would be out. No prizes for guessing which way he jumped! Then the media, not content with this victory, turned the spotlight on ‘vicar’s daughter’ Theresa May, and asked her the same question.   Her answer too came as no surprise.

Excellent, you may say. This is how it should be. We won’t stand for bigotry in 21st century Britain! And I would heartily concur with this judgement, but let me ask a question. Exactly who are the bigots here?

We would all agree that the social climate of the UK – and indeed the world – has changed dramatically over the last few years. In particular, equality and diversity law has seen growing enforced acceptance of lifestyles and practices once regarded as taboo: a triumph for our famously rebranded ‘British values’!

Indeed, so successful has this campaign been that the National Union of Teachers felt emboldened at its recent conference to pass a motion calling not just for more sex education, but for the active promotion of LGBT+ issues to all children, starting in nursery. A small change perhaps outwardly, but in reality a seismic shift – because the motivation behind this motion was not child protection and safety, but a call for the normalization and acceptance of minority sexual and transgender diversity (https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/call-to-teach-toddlers-about-transgender-issues-h2kkdcjlq).

However, the recent intimidation of the media marks an even more disturbing development.

Our society prides itself on its defence of human rights, rightly labelled the cornerstone of democracy. But here of course we have an immediate problem, because the elevation of LGBT+ rights to pole position overrides conflicting rights of Christians to free speech, most especially where it involves the defence and expression of traditional belief as set down in the Bible. What to do? Much head scratching, but the answer now come up with is simple; reconfigure belief so that it matches the new Weltanschauung.  And then force people in positions of influence publicly to deny their beliefs and to join the new bandwagon.

In effect, ‘Let us make man in our image’ becomes, ‘Let us make God in man’s image’.

This is the new, gloriously sanitized and acceptable version of Christianity – with a squidgy, warm, comforting god, who never disapproves of anything except intolerance towards gay rights. So ‘Freedom of belief’ is maintained … but at the cost of suppressing Christianity by imposing an amended system still called by the same name, and in the process rebranding Bible believing Christians as bigots!

What madness is this, where people are no longer allowed to express honestly held beliefs? And where Christian believers are intimidated and bullied into towing the violently oppressive LGBT party line?

Like it or not, this is totalitarianism, with the suppression of any and all views that conflict. Which is absolutely fine, of course, provided there really isn’t a God who actually means what He said as currently recorded in the Bible.

In which case …. guys, you have a real problem!








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Songs of innocence, and harmful experience

NUT. Never was an acronym more apt. As reported in The Times yesterday, delegates at the National Union of Teachers (NUT) annual conference passed a motion calling for the promotion of LGBT+ issues to children, starting at nursery (https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/call-to-teach-toddlers-about-transgender-issues-h2kkdcjlq ). If adopted as policy by government, the practical effect of this could only be to increase the unhealthy and damaging sexualisation of children – already blindingly apparent in and through education.

While lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender adults may see the cultural and social normalization of their sexual preferences as top priority, to force such consciousness onto children, who by definition lack the emotional maturity to assimilate and process such behavioural ‘norms’, is no more than child abuse. To put it bluntly, it is the ideological prioritization of adult sexual ‘wants’ over children’s needs, and it will inevitably lead to harm from which children may never recover.

To recap the current position – Justine Greening, the education secretary, has recently unveiled plans to make it compulsory to teach primary age children about relationships, and to teach those at secondary school about sex and relationships. But the National Union of Teachers now wants this to go further, so that all such teaching promotes lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues. And the reason … so that such people ‘are told explicitly in law that their lives are important too’.

Am I alone in thinking we seem to be missing something here?   Up till now we have been told that the primary purpose for increased sex and relationship education has been to keep children safe in an increasingly perilous world. Given ever increasing mental health problems among children, their apparent inability to form and sustain long-term meaningful relationships leading to increased individual and family dysfunction, and epidemic level STIs, many of us have long questioned the truth of this, arguing that such teaching actually exposes children to increased risk. But with this current resolution it appears the genie is now well and truly – even unashamedly – out of the bottle. Silly me! It is not apparently children’s welfare that is at issue here at all, but the normalization and acceptance of what up to now has been minority sexual and transgender diversity.

Such emphasis is too much, too soon, and can only be further damaging to young minds already battling to discover who and what they are.

Childhood should be a time of safety, when, without lasting harm, kids can push the boundaries they choose, in their own time. This has traditionally encompassed such things as staying out late, smoking and/or enjoying a quick fumble behind the bike sheds, underage drinking at a party and coming home drunk – to the parents’ ‘wrath’.   As it is, the innocence and joy, that up to now has been a hallmark of growing up in Western society, is being destroyed by the predatory attempts of adults who have decided that sexual norms need to be reconfigured to match their own risqué preferences and behaviour.   It is an insidious form of brainwashing, and the harms flowing from such covert coercion can only blight children’s normal and natural development, in the process undermining the whole future of society.

Even worse is the fact this loony idea is being promoted by a profession trusted with being in loco parentis and responsible for the nurturing and wellbeing of our children.

Perhaps we should remember that in the garden of Eden the one responsible for the destruction of innocence was labelled the devil, operating through the person of the snake.  Our fall back then led to the subjection of all humanity to death, and it was for this reason – to free us and restore us to life – that Christ died.

Making some adults feel good about themselves is irrelevant.  What really matters is providing children with a safe environment, where they can learn the things that will lead to a happy, fruitful, and fulfilled life.  Which means that we don’t teach them from the age of two that they can reject biology and opt for surgical reconstruction and a lifetime of drug-based ‘endocrinological management’.  And we don’t teach them sexual practices for which the body is not designed and that can cause great and lasting harm.

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VFJUK Conference 2017 Highlights

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Turkeys voting for… well, okay, not Christmas

With a new hand at the helm of Religion, the BBC has announced it’s going to outsource its flagship Christian programme Songs of Praise … and is going to widen the remit to ‘cover inter-religious initiatives’. (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4303044/Bishop-raises-fears-BBC-farms-Songs-Praise.html).

So how long before Songs of Praise becomes Celebration from the Mosque? And how long before Christianity is quietly dropped, because Muslims classify anyone and everyone who doesn’t follow Islam as unbelievers?   The Koran, after all, is not noted for its tolerance towards other religions.

Yes, the BBC will assure us this is arrant nonsense, because Islam is a religion of peace, and Auntie is committed to multiculturalism – while Christianity remains central to the Corporation’s religious output. But … can we really rely on what they say? After all, only a couple of months ago, after complaints of Islamic bias, they announced they were axing the position of head of religion entirely – and now look what’s happened! The role resurrected and a second Muslim quietly appointed.

While as for their statement that people should be judged by ability, and not religious background, are we really expected to accept that representatives of one minority faith are consistently better for the job than those from other faiths, including the country’s largest?

So I’m sorry, but statements from the BBC about respecting and preserving Christian output seem pretty much on a par with statements that the moon is made of cheese.

If evidence were needed of Auntie’s commitment to the Islamisation of its religious output, this is surely it.   We say again, the UK is a Christian country. While it is absolutely right that all religions represented in this country – including Judaism, Hinduism, and Sikhism – receive proportionate and fair representation, the Head of Religious Programming should be Christian.

Fatima Salaria, the new Head of Religion, has reportedly called for the BBC to give greater voice to Muslims.  The statement speaks for itself.

By far the majority of Muslims in this country, along with followers of all other religions, probably want only to live in peace, but in this time of social and cultural upheaval, surely we should be promoting the values and heritage of the UK, founded as it is upon Christianity – which enjoins tolerance and respect for all, as made in the image of God?   And surely we should be promoting the things that encourage integration, and not ethnic dominance by a minority group?

As it is, the BBC appears complicit in an orchestrated, albeit covert, attempt to Islamise this country – of which the erosion and undermining of Christianity is an obvious and vital part. We therefore call for urgent investigation into the governance and headship of the BBC, and for Fatima Salaria’s immediate replacement.

Please sign and share our petition.  http://www.citizengo.org/en/signit/41632/view



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The beguilement of the snake …

Back in Eden, at the beginning of creation, the serpent told Eve, ‘You’re not going to die if you eat the apple. God’s telling a porkie. Eat it, and the only thing that’s going to happen is you’ll become like Him!’

So Eve ate it, and lived. Then she gave it to Adam. And he lived too … But what neither of them realized was that by that one act – that they thought so harmless – they’d irrevocably destroyed their original relationship with God, and put themselves and all humanity from that moment on under subjection to death. So though physically they continued, something definitely died… and there was nothing they could ever do by themselves to put it right. Instead they got kicked out of the garden, and from then on we all of us became slaves to sin and had to work.

Saying ‘sorry’ just didn’t hack it. Everything changed, and it wasn’t good – and it stayed that way till Jesus, God’s own Son, came and paid the price and put it right.

But the really interesting thing in all of this is that we’re seeing that same old enticement/outright lie being rolled out again today. And, unbelievably, once again people are swallowing it hook, line and sinker. ‘You don’t want to believe what God says in the Bible,’ the serpent whispers. ‘Nothing bad is going to happen if you forget all those boring rules about sex, and being male and female, and worshipping the Creator. After all, he made a pretty lousy job, because there are always problems – but you’ve got the knowledge, so you can put it right!’

Like turkeys lining up for Christmas, we believe all this claptrap. We tell ourselves we’ve advanced intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, and that we can take control and make a better world.   We reassure each other that we’ve outgrown the fairy stories and that God, if he ever existed at all, is dead!

And so inexorably we slide ever deeper into disorder and confusion.

It is well said that there is nothing new under the sun. Christ came to set us free and restore us to the life enjoyed by Adam and Eve before they listened to the snake.   It’s an offer that today we can choose to accept or reject, but you’d think, after all that’s happened, we might have learnt something.   Apparently not, however, because people still prefer the lie that we can make a better world by ourselves: that we can flout the so-called rules and recreate creation.   We can remake God in our own image.

It is not a good choice, because inevitably the result will once again be the same. Not a better life, without problems – but chaos and death.

Nonetheless, the offer made by Christ still stands. We can accept the lie of the devil that we can rule the world; and die.   Or we can choose to follow God and obey His commands; and live. And in the process, we really can make the world a better place.

It is as simple as that.


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