Followers of a lesser god

Another terrorist atrocity leaves the nation reeling, and once again people ask, ‘Why?’ Jeremy Corbyn says it’s our policies that have caused terrorism, and that we have brought it on ourselves.

Let us be absolutely clear that we utterly condemn anything that even hints at possible justification for such evil acts, and our hearts go out to all those who have been affected, whether by death, injury, or bereavement – but at one level Mr Corbyn is right.   Our choices and actions, both as individuals and as a nation, have birthed the oppression, exploitation, and violence we now witness in society. Put it another way, and borrowing from the language of the Bible, we have abandoned the paths of righteousness, and chosen evil over obedience.

In fact, the reality is that on almost every issue we have rejected God, supplanting Him with our skewed adulation of humanity.   In our arrogance we are reconfiguring life, whether designing babies, reassembling ourselves into the body image and gender we ‘choose’, or opting for euthanasia when physical wellbeing slips beyond our control. Life is no longer the gift of God, but rather commodity, to be used, discarded, or ended as we decide. The reality is that our lives today are full of cruel and hungry idols – lesser gods – who demand continual worship and will increasingly brook no rival.

So now we worship not God – but sex, money, music, the internet … along with every perversion known to man, and all bolstered by the limitless pit of faux emotion that insists we are wonderful, caring and evolved human beings, because we are tolerant of everything, except that which conflicts with the new Weltanschauung.

We have opened up the road to hell. We deny and reject God, and yet still expect that He will indulge and protect us. But no, it doesn’t work like that. When we turn our backs on God, He withdraws His protection.   Which doesn’t mean that He wills evil, but He allows us to suffer the ‘natural’ consequences of our choice. So what we need now, more than anything else, is good, old fashioned, repentance.  Because then, and only then, will we see God move in power to deliver us from the growing evils now bedeviling our society.

Which means that we must first face up to the truth, and not try and pretend that things are other than they are.  Which brings us back to the latest terror attack. Many Muslims – maybe even the majority – are peaceable and want the things we all want. A happy family, home… fulfillment. But if you read the Koran, it is hard to see how Islam, with its repeated injunctions to slaughter the Infidel without mercy, can ever possibly be described as a religion of peace. At its heart is not love, but judgment and separation, and all who follow any belief system other than its own stand condemned.   The terrorists’ cry last weekend of ‘This is for Allah’ reflects an uncomfortable truth. Allah is very far from the Christian understanding of a loving God, and if we willfully refuse to acknowledge that – whether Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Sikh, or no faith at all – we will have no hope of finding a solution, and of truly bringing about peace and unity. For real trust to grow, the Muslim community itself needs honestly to confront this.

But the current crisis facing British society goes far beyond ethnic and religious division, and has to do with our more fundamental rebellion against God.

The choice is blindingly simple. The Creator God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, is, and always has been, sovereign, which means that nothing that ever happens is outside or beyond His control. He could wash away all evil in the blink of an eye, but His concern is our salvation, and that we become fully the people/beings He knows we can be – which makes it imperative that we live in relationship with Himself. The only lasting ‘cure’, therefore, is our repentance and rejection of evil; wherever and however it manifests.    First then, at every level, we have to face the truth. About the underlying causes of so-called extremism – of course! But also, and profoundly, about our own life choices … our selfishness and immorality.

While we persist in rebellion, giving worship to corrupt and lesser idols, God will allow us to inherit the evil of our choices.   But if we choose to try and follow Him – even when we get it wrong – then He will help. More, He will swamp us with love, protecting and guiding through whatever life throws at us!   But for this to happen, we need first to acknowledge our need, ‘confess’ where we have gone wrong, both deliberately and inadvertently … and then try and follow what He says and get it right.

God is a loving Father, but He does not smile in fond indulgence at sin. When we reject Him and willfully flout the laws on which our existence depends, there comes a point when He steps back, and figuratively says, “Your choice. Inherit the wind.”



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Calling parents everywhere!

The one place we think our children are going to be safe is school. We trust teachers to look after, as well as educate, them, in the confident expectation that they’ll be given the best start and fully prepared for life ahead.

What we do not expect is that they’ll receive teaching that will put them at risk by advocating hazardous behaviours that will expose them to a range of infections, some of which are life threatening and some of which can’t be treated.

But that is exactly what is happening today.

The Government is advocating mandatory relationships education for all children in primary school, and for sex and relationships education for all children in secondary school – ostensibly in order for them to stay safe and healthy in our increasing sexualized and perilous world ( If ever there was a spectacular failure of outcome over intent, this is it!

At first glance the proposal sounds good. We all want to protect children, just as we all want them to realize their full potential and be happy. But the reality is that current teaching about ‘safe sex’, the delivery of which is designed to avoid any hint of criticism or judgment, is seriously endangering their health. If we really want to keep children safe, all teaching about sex should come with a mandatory health warning of the dangers run by sexual experimentation and promiscuity.

In the 1960s there were two major sexually transmitted diseases, syphilis and gonorrhoea. With very minor exceptions, where children suffered sexual abuse at the hands of infected predatory adults, cases were confined to the adult population (classified as those over 25), and kept in check by the wonder drug penicillin.

That is not the case today.

Currently there are 27 identifiable STIs in the UK, not all of which are treatable, and some of which are becoming increasingly antibiotic resistant (e.g. gonorrhoea). More to the point, young people are particularly susceptible to infection, and STI rates among teenagers have reached epidemic proportions. According to medical experts, the country is fast approaching a sexual health crisis.

‘REAL’ FACTS: Young people aged less than 25 experience the highest rates of STIs in the UK (

In 2015, 15 to 24-year-olds accounted for 62% of those diagnosed with chlamydia, 52% with gonorrhoea, 51% with genital warts, and 41% with genital herpes. Infection rates for men who have sex with men were, also according to FPA figures, ‘disproportionately” higher (

‘FAKE’ FACTS: Provided you use a condom, whatever you do is okay.

Children are told that to avoid unwanted pregnancy and stay safe they should always use a condom. This is misleading and dangerous. Condoms, even where used correctly, are only 85% successful in preventing pregnancy, and never provide complete protection against infection – on top of which, contrary to what is said, some STIs are transmitted not by the exchange of bodily fluids, but by skin-to-skin contact, in which case condoms provide absolutely no protection at all. For example, HPV (in women the precursor to cervical cancer), genital herpes, syphilis, pubic lice, and molluscum contagium.

Children are not warned about this, nor told of the increasing difficulties in treating infections – which may on occasion make it impossible for them to wear a swimsuit and, longer term, may lead to infertility, blindness, insanity, and death.

Treating such avoidable infections not only carries no guarantee of success, but is highly costly to the NHS and an unnecessary drain on precious resources. Yet, more to the point, the contraction of STIs poses a major danger to children’s health and future wellbeing.

This is all so unnecessary. We warn our children of the dangers of consuming too much sugar and junk food, and of the health risks attaching to smoking and drugs – yet in this one, vital area, we stay silent.  The truth is, we are failing our children, and for their protection and wellbeing, this has got to stop.

As a matter of priority, all Sex and Relationships Education should carry a mandatory health warning of the risks attaching to casual, non-monogamous sex.

Shared values and Community are good – shared infections are not!

Please sign our petition calling for it be made mandatory for all sex education delivered in UK schools to contain full and comprehensive information of the health risks attaching to non-monogamous sex. Sign here:

And please go along to your child’s school and ask the teachers and Head what they are doing to alert children to the dangers. Together we can keep children safe!






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WARNING: Sugar can make you obese … sexual promiscuity can kill

Sugar can make you obese, leading to increased risk of diabetes, heart trouble and cancer

Sexual Promiscuity makes you liable to 27 sexually transmitted infections, can cause infertility, and increases the likelihood of premature death

 As a flagship policy in the run up to the general election, Labour have announced a childhood obesity programme that will ban adverts promoting junk food from being broadcast before 9pm. Said Jonathan Ashworth, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, “The scandal of child ill-health is a long-standing, growing and urgent challenge.”  He pledged that, if elected, his party would halve childhood obesity within ten years and make Britain “the healthiest country in the world to grow up in.

How very odd that we warn of the health risks attaching to sugar and what is variously categorized ‘junk food’, but say nothing about the hazards of sexual promiscuity, even though STI rates amongst teenagers have now reached epidemic level proportions, and are almost certainly the main cause of adult infertility. In fact, not only do we not warn, but these days we actively promote hazardous sexual behaviours, and encourage non-exclusive relationships as a matter of course – while at the same time advancing the factually misleading and mentally destabilizing view that gender is not a matter of biology but of choice, which can change from day to day.

Which is another way of saying that current teaching on sex and education, far from protecting children, is actually contributing to their ill-health. But for Mr Ashworth and his Labour confreres, this is apparently okay.

It is not okay with us. Such lessons should come with a health warning. Condoms distributed willy nilly by teachers showing children how to put them on carrots and then encouraging them to go and try them out for themselves, should carry huge labels saying, ‘The use of these products can lead to both unplanned pregnancy and infertility, and extremely nasty infections that can cause itching, blindness, insanity and premature death.”

As it is, the hypocrisy of our politicians and policy makers – from all parties – is quite staggering. Kids may be condemned to a life-time of medication and therapy, and die young … but at least they’ll die thin!

Says it all really.



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Enforced redefinition of faith. Thank you, guys!

There is a covert, but highly unpleasant, revolution taking place in this country. It is true that blood has not so far been shed, but it is nevertheless deadly, and the path of this relentless juggernaut is strewn with the mangled remains of … Bible believing Christians. In any other century they would have been called martyrs.

What am I talking about? In recent days we have seen the MP for the Isle of Wight, Andrew Turner, forced to stand down as Parliamentary candidate by Conservative Central Office after having reportedly told A-level students at Newport that homosexuality was wrong and dangerous to society. Surely, one would have thought, if the man honestly felt this and could give reasons why, while maintaining charity towards people attracted to the same sex, he was entitled to say so. But apparently not. A sixteen year old student and LGBT activist quickly posted her outrage on social media, after which the MP was universally pilloried for his contemptible bigotry, seen for example in the scathing denunciation by Labour election boss, Andrew Gwynne, “There is no place for bigotry and hatred like this in modern society, and no one holding these views is fit for public office.” (   Read more on the story here, and

At the same time Tim Farron, well-know Christian and leader of the LibDems, was repeatedly hounded in the press to say whether or not he believed homosexuality was a sin. The clear and obvious implication was that if he stood by traditional Christian doctrine and said it was, he would be out. No prizes for guessing which way he jumped! Then the media, not content with this victory, turned the spotlight on ‘vicar’s daughter’ Theresa May, and asked her the same question.   Her answer too came as no surprise.

Excellent, you may say. This is how it should be. We won’t stand for bigotry in 21st century Britain! And I would heartily concur with this judgement, but let me ask a question. Exactly who are the bigots here?

We would all agree that the social climate of the UK – and indeed the world – has changed dramatically over the last few years. In particular, equality and diversity law has seen growing enforced acceptance of lifestyles and practices once regarded as taboo: a triumph for our famously rebranded ‘British values’!

Indeed, so successful has this campaign been that the National Union of Teachers felt emboldened at its recent conference to pass a motion calling not just for more sex education, but for the active promotion of LGBT+ issues to all children, starting in nursery. A small change perhaps outwardly, but in reality a seismic shift – because the motivation behind this motion was not child protection and safety, but a call for the normalization and acceptance of minority sexual and transgender diversity (

However, the recent intimidation of the media marks an even more disturbing development.

Our society prides itself on its defence of human rights, rightly labelled the cornerstone of democracy. But here of course we have an immediate problem, because the elevation of LGBT+ rights to pole position overrides conflicting rights of Christians to free speech, most especially where it involves the defence and expression of traditional belief as set down in the Bible. What to do? Much head scratching, but the answer now come up with is simple; reconfigure belief so that it matches the new Weltanschauung.  And then force people in positions of influence publicly to deny their beliefs and to join the new bandwagon.

In effect, ‘Let us make man in our image’ becomes, ‘Let us make God in man’s image’.

This is the new, gloriously sanitized and acceptable version of Christianity – with a squidgy, warm, comforting god, who never disapproves of anything except intolerance towards gay rights. So ‘Freedom of belief’ is maintained … but at the cost of suppressing Christianity by imposing an amended system still called by the same name, and in the process rebranding Bible believing Christians as bigots!

What madness is this, where people are no longer allowed to express honestly held beliefs? And where Christian believers are intimidated and bullied into towing the violently oppressive LGBT party line?

Like it or not, this is totalitarianism, with the suppression of any and all views that conflict. Which is absolutely fine, of course, provided there really isn’t a God who actually means what He said as currently recorded in the Bible.

In which case …. guys, you have a real problem!








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Songs of innocence, and harmful experience

NUT. Never was an acronym more apt. As reported in The Times yesterday, delegates at the National Union of Teachers (NUT) annual conference passed a motion calling for the promotion of LGBT+ issues to children, starting at nursery ( ). If adopted as policy by government, the practical effect of this could only be to increase the unhealthy and damaging sexualisation of children – already blindingly apparent in and through education.

While lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender adults may see the cultural and social normalization of their sexual preferences as top priority, to force such consciousness onto children, who by definition lack the emotional maturity to assimilate and process such behavioural ‘norms’, is no more than child abuse. To put it bluntly, it is the ideological prioritization of adult sexual ‘wants’ over children’s needs, and it will inevitably lead to harm from which children may never recover.

To recap the current position – Justine Greening, the education secretary, has recently unveiled plans to make it compulsory to teach primary age children about relationships, and to teach those at secondary school about sex and relationships. But the National Union of Teachers now wants this to go further, so that all such teaching promotes lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues. And the reason … so that such people ‘are told explicitly in law that their lives are important too’.

Am I alone in thinking we seem to be missing something here?   Up till now we have been told that the primary purpose for increased sex and relationship education has been to keep children safe in an increasingly perilous world. Given ever increasing mental health problems among children, their apparent inability to form and sustain long-term meaningful relationships leading to increased individual and family dysfunction, and epidemic level STIs, many of us have long questioned the truth of this, arguing that such teaching actually exposes children to increased risk. But with this current resolution it appears the genie is now well and truly – even unashamedly – out of the bottle. Silly me! It is not apparently children’s welfare that is at issue here at all, but the normalization and acceptance of what up to now has been minority sexual and transgender diversity.

Such emphasis is too much, too soon, and can only be further damaging to young minds already battling to discover who and what they are.

Childhood should be a time of safety, when, without lasting harm, kids can push the boundaries they choose, in their own time. This has traditionally encompassed such things as staying out late, smoking and/or enjoying a quick fumble behind the bike sheds, underage drinking at a party and coming home drunk – to the parents’ ‘wrath’.   As it is, the innocence and joy, that up to now has been a hallmark of growing up in Western society, is being destroyed by the predatory attempts of adults who have decided that sexual norms need to be reconfigured to match their own risqué preferences and behaviour.   It is an insidious form of brainwashing, and the harms flowing from such covert coercion can only blight children’s normal and natural development, in the process undermining the whole future of society.

Even worse is the fact this loony idea is being promoted by a profession trusted with being in loco parentis and responsible for the nurturing and wellbeing of our children.

Perhaps we should remember that in the garden of Eden the one responsible for the destruction of innocence was labelled the devil, operating through the person of the snake.  Our fall back then led to the subjection of all humanity to death, and it was for this reason – to free us and restore us to life – that Christ died.

Making some adults feel good about themselves is irrelevant.  What really matters is providing children with a safe environment, where they can learn the things that will lead to a happy, fruitful, and fulfilled life.  Which means that we don’t teach them from the age of two that they can reject biology and opt for surgical reconstruction and a lifetime of drug-based ‘endocrinological management’.  And we don’t teach them sexual practices for which the body is not designed and that can cause great and lasting harm.

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