Justice for all! Stop religious hate crime against white people in London.

A young single parent white mother and her two children living in a predominantly Asian area of London have, over the last eighteen months, been subjected to a campaign of violent intimidation and physical and verbal abuse by their Muslim neighbours – who appear to object to the family’s ethnicity and their Christian faith. Death threats have even been made against them, and the situation has now become so bad that the teenage daughter is frightened to go out of the house alone. Visitors to the house have also been accosted and threatened.

Complaints to the police have so far elicited no response other than to tell the mother that she is bigoted: she is, they say, living in a mainly Asian area and must be sensitive to the ‘feelings’ of the local community.

Were the situation reversed there is absolutely no doubt this would be investigated as a hate crime, and the people involved would be arrested and prosecuted. Why then is this same protection not being extended to a white, Christian mother and her family? Why are they living in fear?

We call on Sadiq Khan as mayor of London to initiate a full enquiry into the failures of the police and social services properly to investigate this matter. We further call for the arrest and prosecution of all those involved in this racially motivated hate campaign of abuse and intimidation, the express object of which has been and is to drive this family from their home.

Sign our petition to the Mayor of London here: http://www.citizengo.org/en/signit/160495/view

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Let justice flow like a river…

We hear a lot in the news today about intolerance, hatred, racism and bigotry, and it is of course entirely right that as a society we confront and condemn such evils.   But there appears to be a profound injustice at work here, not unmixed with deliberate sophistry.

VfJUK has recently learned of the situation faced by a young single parent white mother and her two children, aged 15 and 4. Living in a predominantly Asian area in London, with Muslim neighbours, this small and beleaguered family has over the past months been subjected to quite horrific intimidation and abuse, including threats to kill them if they don’t move out. Only this weekend it seems, the teenage daughter was even chased out of the house and down the street by an enraged neighbour, screaming demands that the family move. The child is now deeply traumatised and, by all accounts, nervous of even going out.

It would appear that the ‘crime’ of this lady and her children is that they are Christian. They regularly listen to Praise and Worship music on the radio, and on occasion sing such songs with the windows open, or out in the garden. The complaint it appears – frequently and loudly voiced by their neighbours – is not against the volume, but the content.

If ever there was a case of racially motivated hate crime, this is surely it. But no, say the local police. The family needs to appreciate that they are living in a Muslim area and to exercise more tolerance and understanding.   They are being bigoted.

So let us stand back a little here and look at the incomprehensible reasons behind this politically correct, cultural drivel. The area, as said, is predominantly Asian. The local police apparently reflect this ethnic mix, as does the local council, and the local authority – all of whom are seemingly unprepared to admit the possibility of anti-Christian, anti-white bias and/or behaviour. But pushing excrement through the letterbox and making death threats against those who don’t conform to the belief system and customs of what is coming to sound alarmingly like a Muslim ghetto is apparently fine.

No, it is not.

At the very least this family needs support, and those responsible for such intimidation and abuse should be charged and dealt with under English law.   Over the years, as a nation, we have welcomed without reserve migrants and refugees, giving them homes, jobs, and financial and political security.   Many may well now have British citizenship, but they remain newcomers and do not have the right to insist that we conform with their highly intolerant, and at times violent, values. To put it another way, there must be no no-go areas in the UK, where different belief systems and rules prevail. The law of this land is one law, based on Christian values, and all must be subject to it.

VfJUK  calls for proper investigation into all such cases, and for the even-handed administration of justice, irrespective of race or creed!

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The insane delusion of the so-called liberal elite

‘Liberal’, willing to respect or accept behaviour or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary.

There is an evil spirit stalking the streets of this land, and it has taken for its names ‘Liberalism’ and ‘Tolerance’. Its parents, Death and Perversion, called it this in order to take control of otherwise desirable aspirations and conceal their unholy union.   It is a faithful child, comparable to the scheming villain in some Shakespearean tragedy, and fights mercilessly to establish and consolidate the kingly rule of its usurper father, Death.

Its weapons are deceit and confusion. Thus, in the name of ‘tolerance’ and ‘inclusivity’, it attacks all who do not worship at the altars of its wicked parents, who oppose the Judeo-Christian God and wish only to destroy. Its much vaunted tolerance extends only to the acolytes of sexual immorality, perversion, and death. All those who do not comply – most obviously Christians – are being increasingly criminalized, intimidated and bullied into silence.

This no doubt sounds extreme, but only consider the record of outraged protest and vicious condemnation that has been a hallmark of recent years. Christians arrested, for example, for quoting the Bible, or for offering to pray for the sick. Therapist Dr Mike Davidson, expelled from his professional body and pilloried in the media for daring to try and help those unhappy with same sex attraction and crying out for help. Or take the case of Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn, similarly denounced for daring to say that children benefit most from being brought up by a man and a woman. Or universities across the country, once proud bastions of free speech and debate, but where ‘no-platforming’ now become the accepted norm for those who don’t conform.

Never mind the soaring figures for STIs, associated cancers, and mental health problems attendant on our rebranded morality, the new religion, for this is what it is, says the laws of nature can and must be rewritten, and the rewritten rules must not be questioned or challenged.   We shall remake men and women, say devotees, in our own genderless image.

I’m sorry, people, none of this is true ‘liberalism’, and it is time we named it for what it is – oppressive totalitarianism that wishes to destroy the foundations of our culture and all we hold dear.

Two thousand years ago Christ died to set us free from the stranglehold of death and release us into life.   Ever since that time the devil has tried to claw back power. Time and again he has mounted a direct attack, and time and again he has been thrown back. But he has learnt his lesson well, so that now the attack is cloaked in the stolen language of fulfilment and redemption: liberal tolerance.

This Easter, as we await the return of the Lord in glory, let us remember again his sacrifice, and let His death not be in vain. Though today we hardly dare say it, heaven and hell are both a reality, and the fate of all of us hangs in the balance. So, for love of our brothers and sisters caught in this mass insanity, let us stand again for the truth, and expose the deception of ‘tolerance and inclusivity’ for what it is.

Let us stand for life.


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VfJUK’s reply to the Government’s rejection of call to ban gender reassignment treatment for under 18s.

The Government has responded to Voice for Justice UK’s campaign calling for the prohibition of all medical treatment for gender reassignment under the age of 18 (read full response here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/voice-for-justice-uks-campaign-about-gender-reassignment).

We respectfully suggest that the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and his Department have failed entirely to understand the nature of the problem or the extreme risk posed to children.   The policy, as expressed, is no more than a thinly disguised ideological attempt to normalise—and even promote—transgenderism within the wider population, displaying a total disregard for the safeguarding and wellbeing of the nation’s young.

We note the statement:

“If children have the capacity to give consent for themselves, then consent should be sought direct from them. Once young people reach the age of 16, they are presumed in law to be competent to give consent for themselves for their own surgical, medical or dental treatment, and any associated procedures, such as investigations, anaesthesia or nursing care.

Those under 16 are not automatically presumed to be legally competent to make decisions about their healthcare. However, the courts have stated that a person under 16 will be competent to give valid consent to a particular intervention if they have “sufficient understanding and intelligence to enable him or her to understand fully what is proposed”.
This would appear to be unequivocal endorsement for gender reassignment treatment, when and where requested by what the Government deems a ‘competent’ child. We would respectfully point out, however, that as a general principle it is recognised that children lack the intellectual and emotional maturity necessary to make potentially harmful decisions that will affect their future development and wellbeing. In particular, the fact that children below the age of 16 may sometimes be adjudged competent to consent to some procedures does not relieve adults from their general duty to protect children from procedures that are unnecessary, harmful, largely irreversible and a likely source of subsequent regret.

It is recognised that childhood, and especially adolescence, is a period when young people have yet to discover who and what they really are, and so ‘push the boundaries’.   This is a normal and healthy part of growing up. As part of this process/transition, however, adolescent brains are recognised as prone to making ‘suboptimal decisions’ resulting from, among other things, immaturity of the prefrontal cortex and inability to control or delay ‘impulses of gratification for optimization of outcomes’(see The Adolescent Brain, B.J. Casey, Rebecca M. Jones, Todd A. Hare, (PMC The US National Library for Medicine 2008,  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2475802/).

The NHS guidance on recommended treatment for children with gender dysphoria impliedly recognises the instability of adolescent decision-making when it states:

“Most treatments offered at this stage are psychological, rather than medical or surgical. This is because the majority of children with suspected gender dysphoria don’t have the condition once they reach puberty.” https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/gender-dysphoria/treatment/#treatment-for-children-and-young-people

As pointed out in our petition, as a general principle we seek as a society to protect children and young people from harm, in particular attempting to protect them from the consequences of decisions they are too young to make. Thus, children cannot legally consent to sex below the age of 16; the sale of both alcohol and tobacco is banned to children under the age of 18; children under the age of 16 are not allowed to work full time, etc.

The Government response states that once children reach the age of sixteen they are presumed by law to be competent to give consent for their own medical, surgical or dental treatment.

As stated above, adolescent brains are noted for making suboptimal and highly risky decisions. Children also go through phases, included within which are same sex attraction and gender confusion. It is medically well documented that expression of such feelings are frequently both normal and transient, and, without intervention, naturally dissipate over time.  On the other hand, where feelings of gender dysphoria persist, it is medically recognised that they are more often an expression, rather than the cause, of an underlying and primary mental health problem, which may well be exacerbated by invasive gender reassignment treatment. We concur therefore with the NHS guidance, which recommends that under the age of 18 treatment should be psychological, in the form of psychotherapy and counselling, and that puberty blockers, sex change hormones, and surgery should not be given.

There is growing evidence the NHS guidance is being ignored. There is evidence of children as young as 10 regularly being prescribed not just so-called puberty blockers, but sex change hormones (e.g. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4743036/800-children-young-10-puberty-blockers.html ).   There are other reports of children, who have received such therapy, subsequently seeking help to detransition (e.g. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/12-year-old-boy-trans-female-cha…).

This situation is scandalous. There can be no certainty at a young age that a child’s expressed wish permanently and irrevocably to change gender will persist. Neither can a child expressing the desire to transition fully appreciate the consequences – namely that for the rest of their lives they will be dependent on potentially damaging medication, and that they will be rendered infertile as result of treatment. As a young teenager a child may well feel such things are irrelevant – but age 30, both facts may cause severe distress.

We therefore call again for an urgent review of policy, and for all medical intervention to change gender, whether by the administration of sex changing hormones or surgery, to be banned below the age of 18.




















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