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Sceptred Isle Productions

magna-carta-unlocked-Magna Carta Unlocked – excellent new 5 part series by Sceptred Isle Productions Ltd examining Magna Carta and its legacy in politics, science, society, law and warfare. Click here for trailer (if we can put in direct link to the trailer, please)

All 5 episodes in the series available for £5.00 (or equivalent amount in other currencies) through Sceptred Isles’ video-on-demand portal on their website. Alternatively, each episode can be purchased separately for £2.00 each.

“The 5-part series Magna Carta Unlocked can be accessed on the website of my company Sceptred Isle Productions Ltd. Each episode is 50 minutes in length and together they look at Magna Carta and its legacy in politics, science, society, law and warfare. Though references to Christianity on the website and in publicity material have deliberately been soft-pedalled so as to reach the widest possible audience, this is a Kingdom project which aims to make sure that the role of God and Christianity in the development of our freedoms is not overlooked.

Listen to Philip Quenby, Managing Director of Sceptred Isle Productions Ltd, in conversation with Tim Vince, formerly of Revelation TV. Video Interview

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Scientific Committee of the Novae Terrae Foundation

An influential Human Rights organization that’s very active in Europe and the EU, based in Italy.
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Support the One of Us Campaign

With 1 million signatures (including a minimum number from at least 7 EU member states), the European Citizens Initiative allows proposal of new European legislation at the European level that would recognise the dignity of the human embryo and block any future European funding for any activity that damages or destroys the human embryo.

Get involved and sign the petition online today. Help ban European funding for activities that destroy the human embryo.

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Transatlantic Christian Council

The mission of the Transatlantic Christian Council is to develop a transatlantic public policy network of European and North American Christians and conservatives in order to promote the civic good, as understood within the Judeo-Christian tradition on which our societies are largely based. Our goal is to influence public policy on both sides of the Atlantic from a Christian and politically conservative perspective, with the broad objective of fostering and protecting the greatest achievements of our political systems: limited government, the free market and individual liberty, especially religious freedom and freedom of education, with the family as the foundational building block of society.

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