Our Team

Lynda Rose – Director, Voice for Justice UK

Lynda Rose is an Anglican priest and writer. Originally called to the Bar, she subsequently felt called to ministry and was amongst the first women to be ordained in the UK. She served for a number of years in parish ministry in and around Oxford, but more recently has devoted her energies to campaigning on pro-life and related Christian issues. She is a Trustee of LIFE, the biggest pro-life charity in the UK, has worked extensively with Anglican Mainstream, and is a member of the House of Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group.

She has written several books for both the religious and general markets. She lives in Oxford with her husband, Francis, and they have three adult children.

Anthony Busk

Following a calling into ministry, which spanned 15 years, Anthony moved into consultancy, specializing in the problems Christians face working from a Kingdom of God perspective interfacing with the kingdom of this world. This in turn led to a career move into Further and Higher Education, both in teaching and research, particularly with the latter seeing how the communication barrier between enterprise, and colleges and universities could be effectively broken. Subsequently, he has focused on the biblical principles underlying the caring involvement of Christians in a broken society, and how best to approach social issues while retaining the integrity of the Gospel message.

Robert S. Harris

​Robert S. Harris is a writer who serves as Joint Convenor of the Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group, and co-edited its report, Stolen Childhood: Contemporary Issues of Family Breakdown.

He organised a Parliamentary Conference in 2012, addressing the sexualisation of children. In 2015, he organised a religious liberty Conference that led to the publication of Magna Carta Unravelled (2015). He holds a degree in Philosophy and a Graduate Diploma in Law. He has organised speaker events for public figures, has long experience of political and social campaigning with a variety of groups.

Patricia Morgan

Patricia Morgan is the author of many books on social policy, including Delinquent Fantasies (1978), Adoption and the Care of Children, (1998), Family Policies, Family Changes (Sweden, Italy and the UK) 2006, Family Matters: Family Breakdown and its Consequences (a study in the New Zealand context, 2004), War between the State and the Family (2007) and The Marriage Files (2014). She has contributed to numerous other volumes, as well as journals and magazines. She is a Visiting Fellow with the School of Humanities, Buckingham University.

Liane Pibworth

Liane Pibworth is an award winning undergraduate of Psychology and has worked in varied roles that include headhunting investment bankers to mental health psychiatric day care.  Liane enjoys getting away from it all by organic farming across the globe and currently home schools her children. Liane is committed to her passion for evangelism and outreach with a core of justice at her heart.

Christopher Shell

Christopher Shell is married with three young daughters and a large (mostly Kenyan-Asian) family. He is chief UK bookbuyer for an international Christian retailer. He achieved a double first from Oxford, and a PhD from Cambridge in early Christian ecstatic experience, together with seven university prizes in various subjects from the two institutions. Although he loves everything Christian and loathes everything secular (because of the easily-measurable statistical catastrophes, particularly to families and pre-born human lives, that secularism inevitably brings in its wake), he finds the spiritual-battle tradition to be especially accurate and real (Christus Victor; armour of God; ‘knights of God’ as in scouting; the reality that even intelligent people are frequently deceived and act irrationally; some end on the winning side and some don’t).

Pamela Stevens

Pamela Stevens was assistant to her father Steve Stevens, who, in his concern for the moral decline of the nation, was one of the founders of the Nationwide Festival of Light, now called CARE. He worked also alongside Mary Whitehouse, a leading campaigner who founded the National Viewers’ and Listeners’ Association. He wrote his autobiographical book, ‘Fighting for Love, Purity, Marriage and Family Life’ to put a fighting spirit into the readers to turn the tide. Pamela shares his concern for the state of the nation, shocked by its staggeringly faster than ever decline, and believes something can still be done.

Dr. Josephine-Joy Wright

Dr. Josephine-Joy Wright currently works as the Lead for psychological services in CAMHS, 2gether Foundation Trust (Herefordshire). She is a Chartered Consultant Clinical Psychologist, specialising in Children and Family work, and complex adult neuro-developmental disorders, attachment, abuse and trauma. Since 1989 she has worked extensively with international disasters, including war-zones, pioneering psycho-social interventions, and developing work with child soldiers. She has also run and supervised Police Staff Support and Counselling Services, and trains teams and individuals in effective relationships, as well as undertaking specialist assessments and therapy with children and adults with neuro-developmental and attachment disorders, and traumatic/ abusive life experiences.

She has extensive experience training and supervising prayer and prophetic ministry, Christian counselling and pastoral care teams, working with adults and youth in churches and the community.