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Petition – Stop Promoting Sin

DATE : July 2, 2020 AUTHOR :

Sign the Petition Here. | Racism is not the problem. Rebellion against God’s word is the problem. We call on the Archbishop of Canterbury to provide spiritual leadership that aligns with the teachings of the Bible, and to acquaint himself more fully and accurately with the history of slavery and Britain’s involvement….. Read more | Sign the Petition Here.


Video: All Lives Matter

DATE : June 26, 2020 AUTHOR :

All lives matter

Listen to Lynda explain why all lives matter – black, white, men, women, the elderly, children, disabled … and the unborn. Hear her explain why, in the rich and varied culture that makes up Britain today, we must let go recrimination and hatred and work together for the common good.


Day of Prayer – Unlock the Gaol! – View on demand

DATE : May 30, 2020 AUTHOR :

On-demand version of the stream is now available here. Read more to see the full programme as well as the day’s schedule.


Day of Prayer – Unlock the Gaol! – May 30 – Livestream

DATE : May 25, 2020 AUTHOR :

Live Stream Times, Saturday 30th May 2020: 10:30am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm, 4:30pm
An on-demand version of the stream will be available here at 6:30pm. Click ‘Read more’ to be redirected to the on-demand video.


Stop public broadcast of the Muslim call to prayer across Newham

DATE : May 20, 2020 AUTHOR :

This petition has now closed, with 10,398 signatures.

During Ramadan, Waltham Forest and Newham Councils have given approval for 27 mosques to broadcast the Muslim daily call to prayer across the Boroughs by loudspeaker. While one can appreciate and indeed sympathise with the difficulties faced by Muslims in observing Ramadan at this time, it is wrong to allow public broadcast of the message, “there is no god except Allah,” including as it does a call upon listeners to submit.


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