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Day of Repentance and Prayer – On Demand

DATE : April 27, 2020 AUTHOR :

See the full livestream and individual sessions on this blog post.


Day of Repentance and Prayer LIVESTREAM

DATE : April 24, 2020 AUTHOR :

Prayer Sessions was live-streamed throughout the day o the 25th April 2020. This can now be viewed via this blog post if you would like to see it again.


Petition – Postpone implementation of RSE to allow for proper consultation

DATE : April 15, 2020 AUTHOR :

Sign the Petition Here. | In light of the current closure of schools under measures taken to tackle and reduce the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, the consultation required under law between schools and parents for the drawing up of policy for Relationships Education, and Relationships and Sex Education – that becomes compulsory by law from September this year – has been unable to take place… Read more | Sign the Petition Here.


The Mayflower Project – Does religious persecution exist in Britain today?

DATE : February 24, 2020 AUTHOR :

PLEASE NOTE THIS DEBATE HAS BEEN POSTPONED. In September 1620, a group of English Puritans, branded traitors and hounded for their Separatist beliefs by King James and Parliament, set sail from Plymouth. They were heading for the Americas, known at the time as the New World, and their intention was to establish a colony where they could practise their belief without fear of persecution. The ship they sailed on was the Mayflower.

To mark the 400th anniversary of their momentous voyage, Voice for Justice UK is planning a year-long series of events to celebrate their fight for religious freedom and the right to express their beliefs, without intimidation and free from persecution.

Four speakers, tackling four different areas, will give their views on the reality of freedom in the UK today…


Investigate Franklin Graham’s bullying opponents for hate crimes.

DATE : February 4, 2020 AUTHOR :

Investigate Franklin Graham’s bullying opponents for hate crimes.

Sign the Petition Here.

…Activists have mounted a campaign to get the tour stopped, branding Mr Graham homophobic, because he maintains, in line with the Bible, that homosexuality is a sin. In defence, Mr Graham has said that we are all sinners – himself included – and that we all stand in need of Christ’s forgiveness. Dismissing this well-established Christian doctrine, however, his opponents have continued their campaign of vilification, with the result that arenas booked across the country have now cancelled….

Sign the Petition Here.


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