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Divorce on demand – a very bad idea

DATE : December 4, 2018 AUTHOR :

For a long time lawyers and policy makers in the UK have been saying that divorce law, currently governed by the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973, is an outdated and outmoded shambles.   Last year The Times, backed by Sir Paul Coleridge of the Marriage Foundation, began a campaign calling for what they branded urgent and long overdue reform.  In […]


The Myth of Secular Neutrality

DATE : November 27, 2018 AUTHOR :

(Text of talk given by Lynda at the Christian Coalition for Education Conference in Oxford, Saturday 24thNovember) In multi-cultural Britain, where the majority of the population actually have no faith, secularism is presented as the objective voice of reason working to establish successful democratic governance across the world.  “We campaign for a secular democracy with […]


Suffer the little children

DATE : November 21, 2018 AUTHOR :

At the end of its draft Guidance into Relationships and Sex and Relationships Education, the Government helpfully details what it describes as ‘… the many excellent resources already available, free of charge, which schools can use to deliver the new curriculum. Under Sex Education, it includes: Sexual health and relationships: range of resources available at […]



DATE : November 13, 2018 AUTHOR :

One hundred years ago, on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the bloody carnage of World War 1 ended.  A generation of young men had given their tomorrows in the hell-hole of the trenches so that those back home might be safe. So that the values upon which our nation was founded […]


URGENT – November 7. Respond to the RSE Consultation

DATE : November 5, 2018 AUTHOR :

The RSE Consultation into the Draft Statutory Guidance determining the content and delivery of the new regulations applying to Relationships Education (Primary), Relationships and Sex Education (Secondary) and Health Education (inclusive), closes on November 7.   The regulations will apply to all schools in England from 2020. Almost unbelievably, some people are still unaware the Consultation is even taking place, while others seem to think […]


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