Lynda Rose

Reject flawed and dangerous RSE Regulations

DATE : March 24, 2019 AUTHOR :

Sex and Relationships Education up to now has been a disaster.  Despite all efforts we still have one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Western Europe; one of the highest teenage abortion rates in Western Europe; epidemic level STIs amongst teenagers; frightening levels of child addiction to pornography; unprecedented levels of diagnosable mental illness among […]


Individual rights and (in)tolerance

DATE : March 6, 2019 AUTHOR :

The draft RSE Regulations, currently before Parliament for approval, are scheduled to come into force on 1st September 2020, but schools are being encouraged to implement changes as soon as possible.   The Government has said that all teaching delivered as part of RSE must promote acceptance of LGBT lifestyles and identity, supporting gender ‘equality’ and enforcing […]


Calling all Christians – join us to make your voice heard!

DATE : February 15, 2019 AUTHOR :

A recent petition calling for retention of the parental right to withdraw a child from Relationships and Sex Education has attracted over 100,000 signatures.  Provoked by the very real fear that such teachings will be used to promote damaging and hazardous lifestyles and behaviours expressly prohibited by all the major religions, parents are up in […]


Bible believing Christians are menacing extremists – like ISIS and the Taliban

DATE : February 2, 2019 AUTHOR :

These are the expressed views of at least one member of the Commission for Counter Extremism, appointed by Government to look into the causes and extent of extremism and advise on strategy.   In his 2014 ‘Manifesto for Secularism – Against the Religious Right’ (whatever that is), Peter Tatchell specifically identified the ‘Christian Right’ in Europe […]


Clear evidence of anti-Christian bias in Counter-Extremism Commission

DATE : January 19, 2019 AUTHOR :

Government Extremism Commission in Breach of Conduct Code – “divisive and dangerous” Commissioners Must Resign Sara Khan, Peter Tatchell and Dame Louise Casey Commissioners of a new government commissioned group, whose task is to study extremism and report back to the Government, hold Christophobic and hostile views that will alarm Christians throughout the country. Bible-believing […]


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