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End it Now! Have your say on DIY abortion

DATE : February 3, 2021 AUTHOR :

On 30th March 2020, in response to lockdown imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK government temporarily agreed to allow telemedicine or DIY early medical abortion (up to 10 weeks).  It was said that up to 10 weeks the procedure was entirely safe, and would protect women from having to put themselves at risk by […]


Deliver us from evil

DATE : January 25, 2021 AUTHOR :

The Covid-19 vaccines are being steadily rolled out across the nation, and are understandably a cause for rejoicing.  ‘Normality’, we are told, is on the horizon.   But the latest research from Israel suggests that our optimism may be premature or even misplaced.  Scientists there report that the South African corona mutation is more stubborn and dangerous than originally […]


He alone who owns the youth, gains the future – Adolf Hitler

DATE : January 14, 2021 AUTHOR :

Aristotle, echoed by St Ignatius Loyala, famously said, ‘Give me a child till he’s seven, and I will show you the man’.  The above more recent quotation demonstrates that it is not simply an observation on the importance of early education, but a warning of the dangers of interfering with and controlling it. On Wednesday, 13th January […]


War on truth

DATE : January 13, 2021 AUTHOR :

In the US, the Democrats seek once again to impeach President Trump – conveniently ignoring their own scandalous behaviour throughout his term of office – while at the same time Amazon, Apple and Google have combined to shut down Parler, the social media network noted for upholding pro-life and conservative views ( Sad to say, whatever your views on American […]


Back to basics – a new beginning?

DATE : January 4, 2021 AUTHOR :

As the world continues to battle the pandemic, God is perhaps offering mankind a unique opportunity to amend and change – to put right what is so clearly wrong, and to avert the judgment that is, without doubt, to come.  There are two questions that flow from this, however.  First, will we rise to the challenge and […]


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