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When the caring thing to do … is nothing

DATE : May 3, 2022 AUTHOR :

In what must surely be viewed as a setback by transgender activists, Health Secretary Sajid Javid has taken the brave step of ordering an urgent inquiry into transgender treatment for children. This comes in the wake of an interim report into NHS gender identity services for children led by Hilary Cass, a former president of the Royal […]


Can the land live again?

DATE : April 21, 2022 AUTHOR :

Much has been made in the press recently of Disney’s overt attempts to indoctrinate children into LGBTQ+ values.    Films since 2017, for example, have included openly gay characters.  But even that is apparently not enough, and Disney executive Karey Burke has recently vowed to do far more to make the Corporation’s content ‘inclusive’, pledging that up to […]


When ‘choice’ is labelled bigotry and sin

DATE : April 8, 2022 AUTHOR :

Led by Stonewall, LGBT groups have reportedly reacted with extreme anger to the Government announcement that counselling for gender dysphoria will be exempted from the ban on so-called conversion therapy.  Indeed, the organisations are so enraged that they are now apparently boycotting the much hyped first ever global LGBT+ conference, Safe to be me, scheduled to take […]


Evil never gives up – and nor must we

DATE : April 4, 2022 AUTHOR :

You will doubtless have heard by now the concerning news that, on Wednesday, Parliament voted by 215 to 188 votes to make so-called ‘DIY abortion’ permanent.  The move comes following an earlier announcement by Government that the emergency measure – introduced as a temporary expedient during lockdown, to minimise the risk of Covid transmission by in-person […]


God has entered the field – calling us to obedience, while there is yet chance to repent

DATE : April 4, 2022 AUTHOR :

A big thank you to all those who joined us at the Emmanuel Centre on Saturday for Missing Millions – Call to repentance.  With Covid infection rates in the country once again spiralling out of control, it was humbling to have so many come together in person, while another 1000 joined us online.  God is, without doubt, shaking […]


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