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The really Real – Time to wake up

DATE : February 15, 2021 AUTHOR :

Satan would have us believe that this is it – that there’s nothing outside or beyond this present time.  So, it’s dog eat dog, and the strongest will survive.  Enjoy it while you can! This is a lie.  It’s an illusion crafted by evil to separate us from God and stop us from becoming fully what He has […]


‘Trauma and uncertainty’ … how the DfE is seeking to help children

DATE : February 12, 2021 AUTHOR :

VfJUK has it on good authority that, despite the chaos and challenge facing schools as they struggle to get children back into education and make up for time lost due to the pandemic, the DfE is nevertheless insisting as a priority on full implementation of the controversial and divisive RSE Regulations from the summer term, […]


The writing on the wall

DATE : February 8, 2021 AUTHOR :

If evidence were needed of the battle between good and evil, with darkness fighting to engulf the earth, then surely we are seeing it today.  Over in the US, hot on the heels of the bitter and still disputed electoral victory – relentlessly suppressed by an openly partisan and hostile media – President Biden has quickly […]


End it Now! Have your say on DIY abortion

DATE : February 3, 2021 AUTHOR :

On 30th March 2020, in response to lockdown imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK government temporarily agreed to allow telemedicine or DIY early medical abortion (up to 10 weeks).  It was said that up to 10 weeks the procedure was entirely safe, and would protect women from having to put themselves at risk by […]


Deliver us from evil

DATE : January 25, 2021 AUTHOR :

The Covid-19 vaccines are being steadily rolled out across the nation, and are understandably a cause for rejoicing.  ‘Normality’, we are told, is on the horizon.   But the latest research from Israel suggests that our optimism may be premature or even misplaced.  Scientists there report that the South African corona mutation is more stubborn and dangerous than originally […]


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