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In the valley of the shadow there is hope

DATE : March 25, 2020 AUTHOR :

The poet T. S. Eliot famously said that humankind cannot bear very much reality.  What he meant by this has provoked endless discussion, but it is surely true that one of the realities men and women try and deny is death. And one suspects that another – especially in modern society – is recognition and acknowledgment of […]


War Footing

DATE : March 16, 2020 AUTHOR :

We are a nation at war.  Fighting an unseen but deadly foe.  Surely then it is time to call in help from an ally with superior force. Of course, it is not to be expected that our ally will help without inducement, because for a long period now we have deliberately cut off all contact, […]


How do we face fear?

DATE : March 11, 2020 AUTHOR :

Over the last few days, as the coronavirus Covid-19 has continued its relentless advance across the world like some pale horse of the Apocalypse, bringing in its wake pestilence and death, it has felt as if we are falling increasingly under the shadow of fear.   With supermarket shelves stripped and warnings against panic buying, and ‘social distancing’ now […]


This time it’s personal!

DATE : March 9, 2020 AUTHOR :

On Wednesday, 26th February, Lynda was invited to speak at a Parliamentary Briefing on the subject, Does RSE harm children?  The meeting was by invitation only, aimed at MPs and Peers, and was chaired by the Rt Hon Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP.  It was not widely publicised and, most especially, my name was not mentioned.  […]


Does RSE harm children?

DATE : February 27, 2020 AUTHOR :

The text of a talk delivered by Lynda at a Parliamentary Briefing in the House of Commons on Wednesday, 26th February. Children at birth are an open book.  They need to learn – to absorb information that will prepare them for life ahead.  That’s what education is all about.  But also they need to be […]


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