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We call on Sir Keir Starmer to apologise for the insult and hurt he has caused Christians. Sign the Petition.

DATE : April 21, 2021 AUTHOR :

Petition Closed on 1st Dec 2021 – Closing Signatures 6873 |

On Good Friday, Sir Keir Starmer visited the Jesus House for all the Nations Church in Brent, warmly commending it for its contribution to the local community by serving as a vaccination centre. However, the Labour campaign group for LGBT+ Rights, having discovered that the senior pastor of the church, Agu Irukwu, opposed same sex marriage and the philosophy underlying current equality law, branded the visit ‘unacceptable’ and demanded their leader apologise. Sir Keir immediately complied, apologising for the hurt caused to the LGBT community and saying the visit had been “a mistake”…

Read more | Sign the Petition Here.


A Call to Repentance – Video

DATE : February 16, 2021 AUTHOR :

As the world battles the pandemic, listen to Lynda’s call to the world to repent, then, in conversation with Rodney Hearth of AirTV, explain more fully the urgent need for all of us – and especially the Church – to come back to God.


Government response to Voice for Justice UK’s campaign about gender reassignment

DATE : June 9, 2020 AUTHOR :

Originally written and posted to on 20th February 2018.
The Department of Health and Social Care notes the petition’s call for the banning of medical intervention to change gender (link to petition, not this post), whether surgical or by the administration of sex-changing hormones, for people below the age of 18.


LGBT Lessons in Schools – VFJUK CEO in the News.

DATE : October 21, 2019 AUTHOR :

“The teaching of LGBT relationships in schools has triggered heated protests outside schools in Birmingham, largely by members of the Muslim community.  While they may not have made the national headlines, many Christian parents are just as concerned about what is being taught to their children in schools under the guise of equality and ‘British values’. ” – Christian Today, Sat 19th Oct

Read the full article and interview with VFJUK founder, Rev Lynda Rose, on why more Christian parents need to take a stand.


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