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Ban puberty blockers for children

DATE : February 4, 2020 AUTHOR :

Ban puberty blockers for children.

Petition to: The Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP – Secretary of State for Health and Social Care: Ban Puberty Blockers for children – Sign the Petition Here.

Young children being assessed for gender reassignment treatment are commonly being prescribed puberty blockers to delay the onset of puberty. As justification, doctors maintain that the transition to adulthood for children experiencing gender dysphoria can be highly distressing, while inhibiting the development of adult sexual characteristics simplifies future treatment for reassignment. They argue that puberty blockers have no long-term effects and are easily reversible….

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Reject calls to legalise abortion up to birth.

DATE : September 6, 2019 AUTHOR :

Reject calls to legalise abortion up to birth.

We call on Her Majesty’s Government to reject absolutely any and all calls to legalise abortion up to birth. Sign the Petition Here.

At the recent G7 Summit in Biarritz, world leaders were told by the Gender Equality Advisory Council that removing all legal safeguards and allowing abortion up to birth is recommended good practice in advancing gender equality. In recent months, and using similar arguments, abortion activists in the UK have similarly been pushing for the legalisation of abortion up to birth – and for its extension to Northern Ireland, in clear disregard of the democratically expressed will of the people of that Province…

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