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To the whole Church, being the body of believers, the government of the UK, and the peoples of this land:

We believe that all Scripture, as set down in the Bible, is the holy and revealed word of God, unique, supreme, and complete in itself. Rewriting Scripture to accommodate the world’s changing cultural and social values, or so as not to cause offence, is blasphemy and a denial of true belief.

We believe that God created men and women, together and jointly, in His own image. That He created us to live in obedient relationship with Himself, equal and with freedom of choice. For which cause, everyone has the right to life and respect from the moment of conception through to that natural death ordained by God alone.

Whatever interpretation of the chronological historicity of creation, we believe that sin and death came into the world as result of the Fall, when Adam and Eve succumbed to temptation and, in direct disobedience of God’s command, ate the forbidden fruit. We believe that from that moment human nature became corrupted, and men and women were cut off from the fullness of relationship with God for which we had been made.

By that one act we became dead in our transgressions, but God in His grace purposed to save us. Through His chosen people, the Jews, He gave the commandments, to point us to life until such time as He should provide for the redemption of all mankind by the sending of His own Son, Jesus Christ, who, being fully God and fully man – a co-equal member of the Trinity, with the Father and Holy Spirit – took upon himself, for our salvation, human flesh, knowing both limitation and temptation.

We believe that Jesus is the second Adam, uniquely and miraculously conceived without sin, and alone living without sin. By His atoning death and resurrection, Jesus opened for all humanity the door closed by Adam and Eve’s first transgression, so that when we repent our sins and accept Him as Lord – by God’s mercy and grace, and through the ministry of the Holy Spirit – Jesus confers on us His righteousness, restoring us to that relationship with God for which we were first created.

We believe that Jesus alone is the way, the truth and the life, and that no one comes to the Father except by Him.

As we believe that God created men and women jointly in His own image, so we believe that men and women complement and complete each other. Marriage, being the lifelong and exclusive union between one man and one woman, is therefore given by the gift of God for our completion and mutual support during the period of this present life, and for the bringing up of children. Spiritually, in marriage, two become one. For this reason, we believe that all sexual relations outside marriage are damaging and wrong.

We believe that until the second coming of Christ, as foretold in Scripture, there is spiritual conflict in this world and that unrepented, wilful sin, coupled with the rejection or denial of Christ, cuts us off from Life and the salvation offered us by God, through His Son.

We believe that in Christ alone there is freedom, truth and joy. We believe that in and through Christ alone we are a new creation.

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