May 30

Day of Prayer – Unlock the Gaol! – View on demand

On-demand version of the stream is now available here. Read more to see the full programme as well as the day's schedule.

April 27

Day of Repentance and Prayer – On Demand

See the full livestream and individual sessions on this blog post.

February 24

The Mayflower Project – Does religious persecution exist in Britain today?

PLEASE NOTE THIS DEBATE HAS BEEN POSTPONED. In September 1620, a group of English Puritans, branded traitors and hounded for their Separatist beliefs by King James and Parliament, set sail from Plymouth. They were heading for the Americas, known at the time as the New World, and their intention was to establish a colony where they could practise their belief without fear of persecution. The ship they sailed on was the Mayflower. To mark the 400th anniversary of their momentous voyage, Voice for Justice UK is planning a year-long series of events to celebrate their fight for religious freedom and the right to express their beliefs, without intimidation and free from persecution. Four speakers, tackling four different areas, will give their views on the reality of freedom in the UK today...

November 18

Policy Questions to Party Leaders

To assist voters in deciding how to vote, VfJUK has sent the following questions to leaders of the main Parties, asking for details of their Party’s policy.  As they respond, we shall print their answers for comparison on our website.  So far only the Christian Peoples’ Alliance have replied in detail.  Party responses are included after each question.

October 22

Slaughter of the Innocent – Video Highlights

View highlights and order full DVDs of the Conference event held in September 2019.

September 26

Slaughter of the Innocent – Conference 2019 Report

We live in strange times. We have increasing knowledge of how quickly the unborn develop, and know how to save them if they are born too early. At 6 weeks we can detect their beating heart – at 20 weeks we know they feel and react to pain. Technology has made visible their humanity, but it cannot cure the blindness of our heart. Last year there were 200, 605 recorded abortions, or as Reverend Lynda Rose pointed out 530 terminations every day. Yet we seem intent on creating more. We want to bring 28 week abortion to Northern Ireland.  The Gender Equality Advisory Council is even pushing for abortion to be allowed up to birth. With this in the background Voice for Justice UK’s conference, aptly named Slaughter of the Innocent, could not have been better timed. The aim was to show “How abortion affects us all”. It did much more...

September 12

National Cross Day 2019

  Calling all Christians, National Cross Day on Thursday, 26th September.   VfJUK is proud to stand with the organisers of this powerful initiative. Visit the National Cross Day Website Christ died so that we might have life, so wear your cross with pride. Together, let us reclaim this nation for the Lord!’   Wear your cross […]

May 8

21st September 2019 Conference – Slaughter of the Innocent

With growing calls to legalise abortion up to birth, come to VfJUK's important conference defending the right to life of the unborn. Find out why abortion affects us all. Day Conference September 21st 2019.

February 23

VfJUK’s reply to the Government’s rejection of call to ban gender reassignment treatment for under 18s.

The Government has responded to Voice for Justice UK’s campaign calling for the prohibition of all medical treatment for gender reassignment under the age of 18 (read full response here: We respectfully suggest that the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and his Department have failed entirely to understand the nature of […]

December 15

Protecting the rights of free speech for Christian MPs

Protecting the rights of free speech for Christian MPs Protect the right to free speech of Christian MPs.  Do not allow Secular and LGBT activists to suppress Christian belief. December 2017:  VfJUK delivers the petition with over 30,000 signatures to Downing Street. Although we have had formal acknowledgment of delivery, we are still awaiting a […]


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