September 12

National Cross Day 2019

  Calling all Christians, National Cross Day on Thursday, 26th September.   VfJUK is proud to stand with the organisers of this powerful initiative. Visit the National Cross Day Website Christ died so that we might have life, so wear your cross with pride. Together, let us reclaim this nation for the Lord!’   Wear your cross […]

May 8

21st September 2019 Conference – Slaughter of the Innocent

With growing calls to legalise abortion up to birth, come to VfJUK's important conference defending the right to life of the unborn. Find out why abortion affects us all. Day Conference September 21st 2019.

February 23

VfJUK’s reply to the Government’s rejection of call to ban gender reassignment treatment for under 18s.

The Government has responded to Voice for Justice UK’s campaign calling for the prohibition of all medical treatment for gender reassignment under the age of 18 (read full response here: We respectfully suggest that the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and his Department have failed entirely to understand the nature of […]

December 15

Protecting the rights of free speech for Christian MPs

Protecting the rights of free speech for Christian MPs Protect the right to free speech of Christian MPs.  Do not allow Secular and LGBT activists to suppress Christian belief. December 2017:  VfJUK delivers the petition with over 30,000 signatures to Downing Street. Although we have had formal acknowledgment of delivery, we are still awaiting a […]

June 8

Delivery to NUT

“VfJUK hand delivering our petition to the National Union of Teachers calling for them to withdraw their recent motion to promote LGBT+ issues to toddlers. Around 16,400 people signed. We are still awaiting an answer.”

March 25

Education Conference 2017 Update

What are they teaching the children? | Conference Report On Saturday, March 25 a large group of concerned parents and teachers gathered at the Emmanuel Centre in London. They were there for VfJUK’s groundbreaking conference examining the ideological reframing of education in the UK, with its analysis of the devastating impact on children and young […]

June 15

Magna Carta Rally 2015

[Download Promotional Flyer: JPG / PDF] Magna Carta … how free are YOU today? On 15 June 1215, King John met with the barons at Runnymede to sign a document that would ensure the freedom of the Church, the liberties of the barons, and make himself equally subject to the law: Magna Carta. It has […]

March 20

The Case for Christian Freedoms: 800 Years since Magna Carta Report

A Case for Christian freedoms: 800 years since Magna Carta Conference Report On 12th March, delegates from all over the UK and across Europe gathered at The Emmanuel Centre to examine the reality of Christian Rights and Freedoms in the UK in light of the historic signing of Magna Carta in 1215. Rightly seen as […]

November 19

AGM 2014

Voice for Justice UK is almost 2 years old! Come and help celebrate at our AGM, and hear about the vision for the year ahead. When: Wednesday, November 19 Where: The Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, Westminster SW1P 3DW Time: 7 – 9 pm (Light refreshments from 6.30) Speaker: Canon Nigel Walker A ragtag group called […]

April 30

Stolen Childhood

Stolen Childhood Event (30th April 2014) Event Media & Downloads Download all PowerPoint Presentations from the conference here Previous Event Advertising A conference to explore the dangers to which our children are increasingly exposed in society today, and the reasons for this, putting forward strategies for change at both government and family levels. Hosted by […]


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