When ‘obedience’ becomes a battle

DATE : June 16, 2022 AUTHOR :

Obedience … it’s one of those words we all know and think the meaning is so obvious it doesn’t need definition, but actually that’s wrong.  Obedience is a word that has many layers of meaning, and functions at many different levels. If you look up the word online, you find the definition, ‘compliance with an order, […]


Fiddling while Rome burns

DATE : June 16, 2022 AUTHOR :

The world is in crisis.   Although in the UK we appear to think it’s over, Covid continues its relentless path of slaughter, with more than 530 million currently confirmed cases and more than six million deaths reported across 200 countries (   Russia meanwhile maintains its unremitting attempt to blast Ukraine out of existence.  The prospect of global famine […]


Can a country be possessed?

DATE : June 7, 2022 AUTHOR :

At first glance the question would appear ridiculous.   A country is, after all, made up of individuals, infinite in their diversity – especially these days.  How then, in all seriousness, can it be suggested that a nation might as a whole be subject to demonic influence or control?    But consider, we are used to talking of a […]


Stop Bullying of Gender-Critical Students in Schools – SIGN THE PETITION

DATE : May 30, 2022 AUTHOR :

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Recently a teenage girl was sworn and spat at by a mob of up to 60 baying and screaming schoolfellows, who drove her from the room in tears, after she challenged the view that gender critical theory takes precedence over biology. Accused of transphobia, she was subsequently forced to study alone in the school library, until she could stand the situation no more and left, studying for her A-levels alone, at home …

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Transgender ideology – the new fundamentalism

DATE : May 20, 2022 AUTHOR :

Forget the Catholic Inquisition, Protestant iconoclasm, or the Salem witch-hunts … there’s a new kid on the block.  He, or perhaps I should say ‘ze’, goes under the banner of LGBTQ+ equality, inclusivity, and tolerance.  It’s faith that will brook no questioning or dissent.   But the description of its foundational values as ‘inclusivity and tolerance’ is an oxymoron […]


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