Another school falls to woke ideology

DATE : June 23, 2021 AUTHOR :

This time it’s St Paul’s Girls’, one of the leading independent girls’ schools in the UK , which announced on 19th June that henceforth they will no longer have a Head Girl, because the title is too binary.  Instead, the role will be renamed ‘Head of School’ – which is apparently far more ‘inclusive’ and, in today’s […]


People of God – Repent and have courage!

DATE : June 16, 2021 AUTHOR :

Just when we thought it was all over and that life would shortly be ‘back to normal’, up pops the Delta variant to prove us wrong.  In the past two weeks, cases, we are told, have more than doubled, with the Indian variant not just 64% more infectious, but also proving worryingly vaccine resistant (; In […]


Letter to the Prime Minister – Ban Stonewall from schools

DATE : June 10, 2021 AUTHOR :

In the last week internecine strife has broken out between leading LGBT groups, including Stonewall and Mermaids, and the newly formed LGB Alliance, which opposes Stonewall’s militant support for transgenderism.  Stonewall has apparently reacted with such fury to criticism that lesbian barrister Alison Bailey, founder of the Alliance, is bringing a legal action against them for […]


Whose choice?

DATE : June 3, 2021 AUTHOR :

Abortion activists claim they are pro-choice – meaning that every woman has the right to choose to abort her baby.  LGBTQ+ activists similarly claim their absolute right to choose how they identify in terms of sex and orientation.  But both groups categorically deny the right of choice to those who in any way disagree – regardless of […]


RHSE and Safeguarding

DATE : May 28, 2021 AUTHOR :

(The following is the text of a talk Lynda gave recently at a conference hosted by the Marriage, Sex and Culture Group. It describes safeguarding issues relating to Relationship, Health and Sex Education (RHSE) teaching, currently being rolled out to all schools.  Parents especially need to know what their children are being taught and the harms to which they’re […]


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