Make no mistake – the planet is locked in spiritual war

DATE : August 20, 2021 AUTHOR :

With all the fears in Afghanistan for women, and for those who have worked with US and Nato forces and are in terror of almost certain reprisals, one highly vulnerable group remains almost unnoticed, and yet it faces clear and certain persecution as the Taliban consolidate their hold.  That group is, of course, the Afghan Christian […]


Climate change is happening now!

DATE : July 30, 2021 AUTHOR :

According to climate scientists, as reported by the BBC, the UK is now in the throes of disruptive climate change, which can only get worse if we fail to take urgent action to curb carbon emissions.  Highlighting our hotter, sunnier and rainier weather over the last decade, they warn that in the years to come we […]


Is this really why Facebook blocks users?

DATE : July 29, 2021 AUTHOR :

Facebook have refused to allow an advertisement for the video promoting our new book, Missing Millions – how abortion is harming us all, on the ground, to quote, that it ‘is about sensitive social issues that could influence public opinion’. John McEnroe’s famous complaint at Wimbledon in 1985 comes to mind.  ‘You cannot be serious!’ Let us be clear, […]


When people care more about the pain inflicted on a lobster than the unborn

DATE : July 29, 2021 AUTHOR :

(This article by Lynda first appeared on Christian Today and is reproduced with their kind permission).  Under pressure from animal welfare campaigners, the government is now apparently considering a ban on the boiling of live lobsters during cooking. It’s a cruel and inhumane practice, campaigners have argued – supported by Mr Johnson’s own wife, Carrie. There’s compelling […]


Missing Millions – New Book – Available Now!

DATE : July 14, 2021 AUTHOR :

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VfJUK is pleased to announce publication of its latest book, Missing Millions – how abortion is harming us all.

Last year, 56,000,000 children were aborted world-wide.  In the UK, since 1967 and out of a population of currently 68 million, we have aborted 9.5 million unborn, 98% of which were for what are termed ‘social reasons’; meaning that the child was, at the time – and for whatever reason – unwanted.  To put this in some kind of context, this means that in England and Wales, since 1967, we have legally killed around the equivalent of 14% of the population.  Or, to put it another way, the entire population of Austria…

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