How will you vote? Policy Questions to party leaders

DATE : November 17, 2019 AUTHOR :

To assist voters in deciding how to vote, VfJUK has sent the following questions to leaders of the main Parties, asking for details of their Party’s policy.  As they respond, we shall print their answers for comparison on our website.  So far only the Christian Peoples’ Alliance have replied.  Their responses are included in bold after each question. […]


Managing the opposition

DATE : November 5, 2019 AUTHOR :

This, consistently, is the line the Department for Education now seems to be taking when it comes to handling “difficult” (i.e. non-submissive) parents.  In fact, if anything, their determination to compel acceptance of LGBT life-styles and values seems to be hardening.  This mindset now seems to have been taken over by the Welsh government, which has recently […]


The gloves are off!

DATE : October 22, 2019 AUTHOR :

Birmingham city council has applied to the court to have its injunction banning parental protests outside Anderton Park Primary School made permanent.  In other words, they want a permanent exclusion zone round Anderton where parents will be forbidden to gather – to protest, criticise staff or hand out leaflets ( lgbt-lessons-protesters-from-near-school).  We await the judgment. Anderton is […]


Slaughter of the Innocent – Video Highlights

DATE : October 22, 2019 AUTHOR :

View highlights and order full DVDs of the Conference event held in September 2019.


LGBT Lessons in Schools – VFJUK CEO in the News.

DATE : October 21, 2019 AUTHOR :

“The teaching of LGBT relationships in schools has triggered heated protests outside schools in Birmingham, largely by members of the Muslim community.  While they may not have made the national headlines, many Christian parents are just as concerned about what is being taught to their children in schools under the guise of equality and ‘British values’. ” – Christian Today, Sat 19th Oct

Read the full article and interview with VFJUK founder, Rev Lynda Rose, on why more Christian parents need to take a stand.


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