Stonewall ⎼ gender-neutral person no longer knows best

DATE : November 30, 2021 AUTHOR :

Stonewall’s relentless drive to try and neuter the planet appears to have received something of a setback.   Responding to pressure, it has dropped its guidance to groups on its workplace schemes, advising them to replace the word ‘mother’ with gender-neutral alternatives.  In fact, it has denied it ever gave such advice, with Stonewall chief executive Nancy Kelly […]


As greenhouses gases continue to soar, what might God be saying?

DATE : November 10, 2021 AUTHOR :

Salvation apparently looms, if we will all only do ‘our bit’!   So claim climate change activists and extinction rebels, who, when they’re not gluing themselves to busy roads and orchestrating mass campaigns for non-violent civil disobedience, are agitating for a global cut to carbon emissions and improved home insulation, which, they say, is the only way […]


Fighting for freedom

DATE : November 10, 2021 AUTHOR :

At the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour, on the 11th November 1918, the Armistice, ending hostilities between the allies and Germany, was signed at Le Francourt near Compiègne, in France.  It was in effect a German surrender.  During the course of the war some 40 million men are estimated to have been killed or wounded.  Precise figures remain […]


It’s the caring thing to do ⎼ life and death in the NHS

DATE : November 1, 2021 AUTHOR :

Over the last few months, pressure in the media for support of assisted suicide has been gathering momentum.   A recent article in The Times by Letters Editor Stephen Bleach, for example, claims overwhelming and growing support from readers, who have witnessed first-hand the long drawn out and agonised death of a loved one ( It comes, […]


The chilling war for free speech at yet another British university

DATE : October 21, 2021 AUTHOR :

In 21st century Britain it appears you are now allowed to speak only if your views pass the woke test of acceptability. Woke, it should be understood, means for these purposes opposition to racial prejudice, discrimination, intolerance and all issues of social inequality, in particular in relation to sexual and gender orientation – though only […]


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