We call for urgent enquiry into the Governance of the BBC

DATE : September 1, 2019 AUTHOR :

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We call for urgent enquiry into the Governance of the BBC

The BBC has become an ideological tool for promotion of an agenda actively hostile to Christianity and to the maintenance of traditional morality, which historically has underpinned and given strength to our society for over a thousand years. In promoting this agenda it displays contempt for Christian belief, abusing its position to provide ‘… impartial, high-quality and distinctive output and services, which inform, educate and entertain’.

In a recent broadcast of its flagship Christian programme Songs of Praise, the Corporation broadcast a supposed homosexual marriage ceremony performed at Rutherglen United Reformed Church near Glasgow. It chose to do this knowing that the Bible prohibits any and all sex outside marriage, laid down as between one man and one woman for life, for their mutual benefit and support and for the bringing up of any children that may result from their union. It chose to broadcast this moreover in the clear and certain knowledge that such ceremonies are banned by leading Christian denominations, including the Church of England, the Church of Wales, and the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches…


The BBC… Beelzebub’s Broadcasting Corporation

DATE : August 27, 2019 AUTHOR :

For those unfamiliar with this figure, in the Old Testament Beelzebub (or, more properly, Baalzebub) was the name of the Philistine god associated with the city of Ekron in southwestern Canaan.   Other names attributed to him were dung god, prince of devils, and lord of the flies (probably because of the association with dung).   By the time […]


Getting away with murder

DATE : August 20, 2019 AUTHOR :

In 2018 in the UK there were 657,076 live births in England and Wales ( datasets/birthsummarytables).  In the same period there were 205,295 abortions ( _data/file/808556/Abortion_Statistics__England_and_Wales_2018__1).  Taken together, this means that one in four pregnancies ended last year in abortion.     So why, one wonders, are abortion activists so intent on making abortion legal up to birth?   Are there not […]



DATE : August 6, 2019 AUTHOR :

Last week, Spanish scientists claimed to have created the first human/monkey hybrid, in a laboratory in China (  The experiment was, they say, stopped before the embryo was old enough to be born – but they claim it was viable and could potentially have been born.  By way of justification, they say their long-term aim is to […]


The conspiracy of insanity

DATE : July 31, 2019 AUTHOR :

In November 2016, counsellor and therapist James Caspian applied to Bath Spa University to begin research into the numbers of transgendered people who subsequently regretted and sought to reverse the surgery they had undergone as part of their gender transitioning treatment.  He had been working as a therapist with transgendered people for over a decade, and […]


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