What are we not being told?

DATE : November 24, 2020 AUTHOR :

News of the development of safe and highly effective vaccines against Covid-19 is to be welcomed.  There do, however, remain concerns, that need to be addressed for the public to feel confidence.    In a quiet posting on 23 October, the Government included notice of the award of a contract to the firm Genpact UK, to supply AI software […]


Rise of the 4th Reich?

DATE : November 18, 2020 AUTHOR :

Reich, meaning realm, empire or kingdom.  3rd Reich – famously used to describe Germany under Nazi rule, as successor to the preceding Holy Roman and German empires.  But the 4th Reich is not confined to Germany.  The 4th Reich is global. In October 1933, as Hitler consolidated his stranglehold on power, an edict was issued requiring Germans to […]


God holds the key – God is the key

DATE : November 1, 2020 AUTHOR :

Christmas draws near.  That time when we remember and celebrate again the birth of a baby in a stable in Bethlehem.  But this was no ordinary baby.  This was Jesus, the incarnate Son of God, sent by the Father to break Satan’s hold and ransom us from sin; to restore us to that relationship with […]


Nanny meets Big Brother?

DATE : October 30, 2020 AUTHOR :

The House of Commons Education Committee has issued a call for evidence into Home Education, closing on Friday 6th November.  On 6 October 2020, Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield told the Committee that the Department for Education (DfE) had committed to introduce a compulsory register of home-educated children, combined with the introduction of termly inspections. Mandatory […]


The Chihuahua spirit reigns

DATE : October 21, 2020 AUTHOR :

In the second world war much was made of the Bulldog spirit, with Churchill himself famously portrayed as a grumpy and indomitable bulldog, who, once he’d taken hold, wouldn’t let go.  The name stuck, so that people began proudly to talk of the bulldog spirit as applying to the nation – a term emblematic of the […]


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