Snowflakes and the demonization of debate

DATE : January 10, 2019 AUTHOR :

Snowflakes at the University of Oxford are once again attempting to suppress opposition to their views and quash all debate, as they pursue their relentless drive to take over the world.   This time the object of their attack is world renowned scholar Professor John Finnis, emeritus professor of law and legal philosophy at University College.  […]


The (life-denying) worship of illusion

DATE : January 9, 2019 AUTHOR :

Virtual friends, virtual money… virtual reality v. Real disease, loneliness, pain and despair. The internet, we are told, has changed life, linking us with each other in ways never before envisaged, and giving us access to things that in previous generations we might have heard about, but would never have seen.   We are told that […]



DATE : December 18, 2018 AUTHOR :

Brighton and Hove city council has apparently issued advice to its teachers to tell Primary school children that trans-boys and men and non-binary people can have periods. Language used to talk about menstruation, the guidance says, should be inclusive of all genders ( Since when, VfJUK asks, did it become alright to lie about science?   Such […]


Keep Marriage Special: Reject No-Fault Divorce

DATE : December 4, 2018 AUTHOR :

Sign the Petition Here.

Petition to: To the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice – the Rt Hon David Gauke MP

…The current proposals to remove any element of fault from divorce trivialises both the commitment to, and solemnity of, marriage. It destroys any idea of covenant, and risks making it from the outset a temporary contract that can be terminated at whim by either party, without agreement from the other side…

Sign the Petition Here.


Divorce on demand – a very bad idea

DATE : December 4, 2018 AUTHOR :

For a long time lawyers and policy makers in the UK have been saying that divorce law, currently governed by the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973, is an outdated and outmoded shambles.   Last year The Times, backed by Sir Paul Coleridge of the Marriage Foundation, began a campaign calling for what they branded urgent and long overdue reform.  In […]


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