By their fruits you shall know them

DATE : August 4, 2020 AUTHOR :

Here’s a turn up – three points of interest.  First, Auntie, otherwise knows as the British Brainwashing Corporation (BBC), has apparently quietly informed its LGBT Pride group that it is no longer going to include Mermaids, the campaigning charity for transgender children, in its Action Line list, which claims to offer ‘appropriate’ advice to callers […]


War of the worlds

DATE : July 29, 2020 AUTHOR :

There are two worlds.  The world of the Spirit, that manifests in this life as truth, light, peace, and love.  And the world of chaos, that manifests as lies, darkness, division, hatred, self-justification and aggrandisement.  It is the difference between good and evil, between God and the devil, and there can be no peaceful co-existence, because the devil […]


Calling all Christians – time to wake up and stand!

DATE : July 22, 2020 AUTHOR :

We live in evil times.  To some, this may appear to be an extreme statement: but it recognises basic facts.  Over the last weeks, as we have battled the coronavirus pandemic – which so far has seen going on 46,000 deaths in the UK and 620,000 worldwide  – almost unbelievably we have seen a renewed push to decriminalise […]


RSE, Gender Choice, and Abuse

DATE : July 13, 2020 AUTHOR :

According to a recent post on Mumsnet by someone working at an unnamed high school in the UK, out of some 160 pupils in the year nine group, 9 girls identified as boys.   Over the course of lockdown, however, seven of them have now ‘detransitioned’, and one is considering it.  Was this because the girls were […]


Petition – Stop Promoting Sin

DATE : July 2, 2020 AUTHOR :

Sign the Petition Here. | Racism is not the problem. Rebellion against God’s word is the problem. We call on the Archbishop of Canterbury to provide spiritual leadership that aligns with the teachings of the Bible, and to acquaint himself more fully and accurately with the history of slavery and Britain’s involvement….. Read more | Sign the Petition Here.


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