Distorting history – manipulating truth

DATE : June 22, 2020 AUTHOR :

Since the shocking death in Minneapolis of George Floyd, we have seen wave after wave of demonstrations sweep across America.  Police brutality in the US clearly needs urgently to be addressed, but, sadly, the protests have often degenerated into violent and frightening confrontation.   In Seattle, for example, areas of the city appear to have been taken over […]


All lives matter

DATE : June 15, 2020 AUTHOR :

One of the glories of humanity is that we are all different.  We have different gifts and different strengths.  Different personalities – different likes and dislikes.  And there’s a positive rainbow of skin tones and bodily types.  Yet all alike are made in the image of God, and all are to be equally valued and respected.  Difference is to be respected, […]


Protect children from indoctrination — Uphold the parental right of withdrawal

DATE : June 10, 2020 AUTHOR :

We all want to keep children safe, and there is much in the new Relationships and Sex Education Regulations that is good. However, the promotion of politically motivated LGBT inclusive teaching to children as young as 3 (despite what is being claimed, not mandated in the Regulations) is interfering with normal child development, and putting the […]


The Poison Of Bitterness

DATE : June 10, 2020 AUTHOR :

It is surely time for the culture of victimhood and entitlement to end.  Over the last few days we have seen justifiable outrage over the killing of George Floyd – but nothing justifies the outpouring of hatred and cries for revenge that we have since witnessed in demonstrations across the globe. Bad things happen.  They happen to […]


Government response to Voice for Justice UK’s campaign about gender reassignment

DATE : June 9, 2020 AUTHOR :

Originally written and posted to on 20th February 2018.
The Department of Health and Social Care notes the petition’s call for the banning of medical intervention to change gender (link to petition, not this post), whether surgical or by the administration of sex-changing hormones, for people below the age of 18.


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