Dodgy diversity schemes – No thanks!

DATE : March 8, 2022 AUTHOR :

Pogrom – a mob attack, approved or condoned by authorities, against the persons and property of a religious, racial or national minority ( In an extremely welcome and, some might think, long overdue move recognising the reality of Stonewall’s underhand campaign to impose LGBT ideology on the rest of society, the Government has at long last […]


“Smoke and mirrors” – Confronting evil

DATE : March 2, 2022 AUTHOR :

According to a report in The Times, dated 28th February, more than 400 Russian mercenaries are currently operating within Kyiv, with orders from the Kremlin to assassinate President Zelensky and leading members of his government (   Perhaps, given Putin’s track record, we should not be surprised, but even so, further details in the report will surely give […]


Abortion – The blood guilt affecting us all

DATE : February 20, 2022 AUTHOR :

Women’s problems!   How often have we heard so-called ‘problems’ relating to women’s health and reproductive issues dismissed or brushed aside as feminine issues?    And abortion, sadly, is all too frequently classified as just one of those such ‘issues’.  Women get pregnant, they give birth … no one else’s business, people say.  Their bodies, so it’s up to them.      […]


Missing Millions discussion on LCBN TV

DATE : February 15, 2022 AUTHOR :

Listen to Lynda in conversation with Julie Vivienne of LCBN TV talk about the missing millions of lost unborn, and the devastating effects of abortion on humanity, as well as the Call to the nation to repent on Saturday, 26th March at the Emmanuel Centre, Westminster.


Stop Aleem Maqbool’s appointment as Head of religion for the BBC – SIGN THE PETITION

DATE : February 15, 2022 AUTHOR :

Sign the Petition Here. | Read More

The BBC has, after what they say was a competitive recruitment process, appointed a new Religion editor, Aleem Maqbool. Mr Maqbool, a Muslim and journalist of some note, previously acted as the BBC’s Pakistan Correspondent and Gaza/West Bank Correspondent. He is due to take up his new position this Spring. Maqbool succeeds Martin Bashir and, before that, Aaqil Ahmed. Two of these men are overtly Muslim, and one is of Muslim heritage. In Ahmed’s promotion of multicultural programming, there were numerous complaints of anti-Christian bias and calls for his removal…


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