Christian Concern – Urgent National Prayer Gathering

DATE : May 15, 2013 AUTHOR :

Join Christian Concern at an Urgent National Prayer Gathering as Parliament debates changing the law of the land and discarding God’s pattern for marriage. Outside Parliament during the 3rd Reading of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill in the House of Commons. Monday 20th May: 12:00 – 14:00 & 17:00 – 19:00Tuesday 21st May: 12:00 – […]


A Battle to the Death

DATE : May 14, 2013 AUTHOR :

Euthanasia is back in the spotlight this week as Lord Falconer introduces the latest version of his Bill to legalise assisted dying into the Lords, and Jane Nicklinson and Paul Lamb take their appeals to the High Court.  This is an issue that keeps coming back … endlessly.   And will presumably continue, until campaigners achieve […]


Back in the USSR? A lesson from history perhaps

DATE : May 7, 2013 AUTHOR :

UKIP sweeps the board!  Well, almost … enough at least to cause havoc amongst the Tories, Lib Dems and Labour.  Political pundits tell us that the local election result last week was a protest vote, expressing voter dissatisfaction with government failure to deal with the country’s financial doldrums, immigration, and the benefits mess.  And that’s […]


Operation Sovereign

DATE : May 7, 2013 AUTHOR :

Our year-long global prayer initiative finishes on July 18th. To mark the end we are planning a day long Prayer Colloquium on July 20th in central London, where we shall have a review of the past year, some teaching on prayer, and spend time together waiting on the Lord to discern what next! Over the […]


The NHS meets Death Row

DATE : April 30, 2013 AUTHOR :

Last year Tony Nicklinson lost his High Court battle to win the right for assisted suicide.  Subsequently, he refused all food and starved himself to death – which of course must always have been an option.  That aside, however, as promised at the time, there is now to be a fresh onslaught.  Lord Falconer is […]


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