Sign our petition – David Cameron, uphold the UK’s Christian heritage…

DATE : January 18, 2016 AUTHOR :

For well over a thousand years Christianity has been the cornerstone and foundation of our nation. In 1215 Magna Carta, one of the most famous documents in the world, set out the rights and liberties of the individual as protection against the coercive use of power by the State. It laid the foundations for Western […]


Where are all the Christian refugees?

DATE : December 14, 2015 AUTHOR :

Answer: Not, it would appear, in the UK. VfJUK was recently contacted by a photo-journalist asking if we could put her in touch with a family of Christian Syrian refugees to be part of a human interest story in one of the national papers in the run-up to Christmas – you know the kind of […]


Operation Sovereign – last chance to register before start!

DATE : November 5, 2015 AUTHOR :

At one level, the world has never known greater prosperity, and yet every day we seem to face growing horrors, as instanced in the last few days by the fate of the Russian plane that crashed in Sinai, and is now strongly suspected of having been blown up. Trouble lurks everywhere, seen in escalating global […]


Going to hell in a handcart…?

DATE : October 22, 2015 AUTHOR :

It’s said that there is an ancient Chinese curse, ‘May you live in interesting times’. Well, some may feel that applies to today, because almost every hour the news seems to carry fresh stories of increased violence and unrest, with a resulting migratory flood unparallelled since history began. Europe creaks under the pressure of hundreds […]


“For everything there is a season…”

DATE : September 29, 2015 AUTHOR :

Much has been made in the news recently of the blood moon – indeed, the blood super moon – resulting from the lunar eclipse that took place here in the UK in the early hours of September 28. Usually when this kind of event happens in the skies over Britain, we are so shrouded by […]


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